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SR20 MFD Nav knob hotfix


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Hello Folks, thanks for this fix above ^ however, the nav frequency stby transfer switch has no clickspot in VR. I fly mostly in VR and on pilotedge, so this pretty much grounds me with this model (SR20) until fixed.

If possible is there something that can be added to the obj file above to get the stby transfer switch, nav right side mfd working until future ofc patch? Would be much appreciated. If this has been addressed elsewhere on the forums, please disregard this post.


Love the plane BTW! You folks did a outstanding job.



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Update to my situation above.

I feel silly not figuring this out and might seem obvious to many, but for those like me wondering how to get around this without a external radio stack and don't want to use the 2d popup mfd panel outside of VR. Assign nav 1 and nav 2 flip standby control assignments to any peripheral controller in control settings in xplane and you can switch at will in VC and VR :)

At least now I can enjoy this plane in VR until TorqueSim can get these click spots ironed out in the next patch, hopefully.

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