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SkyMaxxPro Keeps losing textures

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The only time I can get textures back is by resetting/reinstalling SMP, and it's getting annoying to do so. Sometimes it does it mid-flight, where it started out having the correct textures, but over the flight, the textures disappear. I have it set up to be integrated with ASXP, and have ticked the SkyMaxxPro integration in Activesky. I'm beating my head around this and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. 


I've attached the screenshot of the representation screens (As they were populated on Departure, now showing as blanks)


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My guess would be that some other add-on that's installed is changing X-Plane's working directory behind its back, or somehow overwriting our files. SkyMaxx Pro only reads those image files; they are not written or moved, so I don't see how they could be getting deleted by us.

Do you have anything installed other than SMP, RWC, and ASXP that might be causing this?

Another possibility is disk corruption.

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