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  1. I shouldn't have anything else that is installed. The Disk is brand new (Purchased within the last 3 months, Samsung 860EVO). The only other program that I would have that would overwrite the XPlane directory (which shouldn't change the directory itself), is xOrganizer. I have tried to stop SMP/RWC and restart it via the Plugins Menu, which results in an instantaneous CTD. While checking for the dump file, it doesn't seem to generate one as it doesn't even show that a crash has happened. I've uploaded a visual of what I have activated and deactivated within XPlane's plugins. J
  2. The only time I can get textures back is by resetting/reinstalling SMP, and it's getting annoying to do so. Sometimes it does it mid-flight, where it started out having the correct textures, but over the flight, the textures disappear. I have it set up to be integrated with ASXP, and have ticked the SkyMaxxPro integration in Activesky. I'm beating my head around this and I cannot for the life of me figure it out. I've attached the screenshot of the representation screens (As they were populated on Departure, now showing as blanks)
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