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Assign a key/joystick button for opening the “Payload Manager”

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Hi all,

First of all I would like to thank the developers for such a complete plane. I have been checking some videos/reviews during last weeks, and yesterday I took the decision and I bought it.

I am fully flying in VR, and I have to say that I really enjoyed the first flights yesterday.

As a newcomer, I tried to navigate through the forum topics and get as much information as possible, but I could not find any answer/question to the following topic:

Is there a way to assign a key/joystick button for opening the “Payload Manager”?

I can do it by navigating through the plugins submenus, but it would be really useful to do allow a key binding.

Thanks in advance and keep up with the great work.


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Hi again,

I was playing around with one of my other plugins installed in X-Plane, called "LiveTraffic", when I realized that the developer, somehow, created some commands for accessing some functions/panels, very similar to the "payload manager" we use for ours TBM900. And apparently, there is an special keyboard assignment for "Plugin Provided". Please check the attached picture.


Source information is here:


So from my side, this would be more of a kindly feature request for the future. Maybe it is easy to code from developers side and it will make very happy most of your VR users :)

Best Regards,


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10 minutes ago, Huma said:

You also can find the Payload Manager on the left side of your Window. At the same place, you can set or release the chocks, start the gpu...

I am afraid that this is not visible in VR with the headset on. I really prefer not to remove it :). Thanks anyway B)

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