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Question about elevator trim tabs


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Regardless of the elevator trim setting, the trim tab position is always asymmetrical. I haven't been able to find much information about it specific to the PT-19, but in general, it looks a bit counterintuitive. Also, the elevator trim tabs are never in a completely 'neutral' position.


The only thing that I could find if from the Erection and Maintenance instructions that specifies the range of movement for the elevator trim tabs:


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Hey ph-kim!
Yes, information on the trim tabs is HARD to find. The aircraft i personally assessed has this trim tab adjustment. The owner/operator told me this was a 1942 original modification, which, according to him, made the aircraft behave nicely specifically during left turns, which were/are a bit problematic for the PT-19. I've noticed not all aircraft have this. Some do, some don't. I did notice, however, that the flight dynamics i custom coded for the addon follow the behaviour of the corrected version of the aircraft, hence the visual representation of this. The aircraft still doesn't quite enjoy left turns, but it's not such a big of a factor as it would be.

Hope this answers your question!

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Hi Dan,

Very nice! I've only seen a couple of pictures and a couple of manuals, so it's very nice to get this kind of background information from you, much appreciated! While it looked off, I can follow along with the reasoning behind the modification, and if it's the correct representation of what's actually modelled in terms of flight dynamics, then consider this one closed ;)


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