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What is the worst condition for the cabin pressure vessel in TBM900? Can it fail completely?

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Greetings. This is just a "curiosity" post really.

So I've been messing around with the TBM900, trying to see just how badly I can wear it out if I'm super sloppy with everything (but not to the point of crashing). After a couple of tail strikes with repairs, the cabin pressure vessel has degraded to a "deathtrap" condition (which got a chuckle out of me ;)), but I'm too bored to do even more tailstrikes to see where it gets next.


  • seeing as the pressure vessel becomes "worn" or "very worn" after just one repair, skipping the "good" condition completely, what exactly happens when the pressure vessel degrades?
  • what is the worst possible condition? Can it break completely (become irreparable)?
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18 hours ago, Goran_M said:

The cabin won't pressurize, as indicated on the MFD, and you'll get hypoxia at higher altitudes.  The screen will slowly turn black.

Hmm, so I flew with this cabin in "deathtrap" condition up to 30000 ft, and it did pressurize okay. Is it going to slowly leak air or something?

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@Goran_M I'm using version 1.1.12 and facing issues with pressurization system. the system is not working, looking to the picture below It seems the cabin rate climb in the same way as Vertical speed and cabin doesn't pressurize. I did a fresh install, created a new airframe (many times) but none of this actions worked.




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Sure. As you can see in the picture the LFE is set (57ft-destination elevation altitude)such as the altitude of 1500ft AGL ((traffic pattern) in the destination.

I didn't hit the tail on the ground. There is no alert in maintenance manager for any system or part. I created new airframe, tried a brand new installation but none of those actions worked, unfortunately.

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