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Issues running Master and Slave computers


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Running X-Plane 11.41

Master is Laptop running all avionics (Air Manager, RealSimGear,  XPRealistic, etc.), Arduino controller (for switches, knobs, LEDs, etc),  plus all the 6DOF platform needs (FlyPT with Thanos controller). 

Slave is Desktop running 3x 4K screens.

Issue on Slave: The spinning prop has wrong graphics associated...   See image below.

Issue on Slave: Most of the interior buttons are not in sync with the Master...   See image below.

Issue on Slave: MDF doesn't have "Engine" screen, shows "System" tab instead.

Issue on Master:  Sound for Aileron trim isn't right (sounds like a switch)...  I believe is should be the same as the Pitch trim sound.




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The plugin does not support multi-computer syncing of data since we have so many proprietary things going on that X-Plane does not sync. All displaying of avionics, switches, etc. must be on the main computer to function properly. 

Regarding the prop, we use a custom prop disc with X-Plane that is rendered based on plugin inputs. On the external visual machines, you can revert to the default X-Plane prop disc by removing SR22_Prop.png and SR22TN_Prop.png from the respective aircraft folders. 

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