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Low download speed

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Anyone else having problems downloading from x-aviation.com?   Download speed seems pegged out at a max 125 kbs.......yes I meant to type kbs...I'm on fibre broadband with a speed of 500mbs+   Not having issues on other sites, so assuming it's an x-aviation problems. Anyone else getting low speeds?   Tks


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Not tried it again with the TBM but just downloaded the pocket Rocket. Download started at 800kbs and speed picked up as download progressed ending up with 18mbs by the time it finished, but it was still picking up, so looks like they have fixed the issue :)


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I have done everything, reset IP, flushed DNS internet reset modem, it is only the installer thats dying. Im am in Australia, tried 10  times to run an installer and never completes. Starts at 333kb ends up around 270 and times out when it reaches teh end, Never completes. Thats 44min to download file should do in like 5.

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