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Keys binding minimum requires

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Hello to everyone,

i´m a beginner in flight sim and i bought the TBM 900. I´ve been watching the start-up tutorial and taxi tutorial.

I´m a bit lost in the selection menu regarding key binding. I don´t find the two buttons on  the throttle to apply the taxi mod and reverse

I use a T16000 from trustmaster (i know it´s basic) and two accion need to be done for the parking break release. What the key to bind for the break release botton .One hand a the joystick and the other on the throttle make not easy to push the B botton for the release break.

Can an expert post the list of the minimum requires keys to map on the throttle and joystick for the TBM. It will help me a lot

In advance thanks for your help.


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Hi, since no one answerd yet, I'll try.
Parking brake is the usual "toggle Brake Max Effort"

For the Throttle, see the quickstart guide, page 28.
To move from Flight Idle to the Taxi Range and Reverse, bind sim/engines/thrust reverse toggle command (aka \Toggle thrust reversers") to a button.

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Ok....Nice "to meet" you ;)

I´m "learning" air navigation

My level today:


IFR: Practicing SID and STAR. More the star with the different procedure and also to read a "fly maps"

So since 3 days i start to practice IFR with the TBM900, also to practice the GARMIN.

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