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G1000 Bugs


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A couple of G1000 bugs:

* If you're in a sub menu (soft keys, not pages), and you switch major mode (e.g. from the map to the weather RADAR), if a sub page is open when you switch, the sub page remains partially visible and does not update to the correct page state. To test: on the main map page press SYS and display the electrical page. Switch to the weather RADAR and back again. Observe partial SYSTEM page captions on the root menu.

* When in the DIRECT TO page of the main MFD, typing MYBG results in LYBG. Typing NYBG results in MYBG. There is an indexing problem with the keyboard. ;)  Typing A when no airport exists types a 1.

* Typing KJFK should result in the text KJFK. Instead, it results in the text KJFKA because the 5th character is populated instead of being blank. This means you can only enter the first 3 characters and then you must scroll the 4th or you end up with too many characters. It should be possible to type 4 characters and only get 4 characters. The cursor should move to a blank space and not auto-populate it.

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I can confirm all three of these.

I also want to add in that some waypoints or airports will not show up when entered even though their procedure waypoints AND the airport is on the map. KASE is an example.

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No need to apologise @Goran_M I for one could have done more to follow this up after I didn't hear anything back.

Just for perspective, anyone else reading through the forums contemplating buying the TBM 900 don't let this put you off.  Things like this getting missed is the exception not the rule and the level of support Hotstart have provided to date has been excellent.

P.S. the 2D popup doesn't seem to be affected by this issue either and as such is a nice easy workaround whilst Hotstart are looking into the issue.

Kind regards,


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