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IXEG 733 Development Status

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In addition to the VNAV work we have also these fixes lined up for the next update:


* Added switch in aircraft file to always force experimental flight model on
* Improved tracking ability of nosewheel in tight turns (less skidding)
* A "direct to" turn will not attempt to re-intercept the line between current aircraft position and the waypoint
* Yoke checklist can now be flipped up and down and yellow bug goes all the way to top again
* Added a dataref to indicate if autothrottle is active or not
* Added a preference to "pause on Top of Descent"

Bug fixes

* Fixed right-hand windshield wiper 3D
* Fixed fuel gauge testcycle
* Fixed leading-edge devices lighttest button
* Fixed EGT needle on steam gauges not going higher than 800C
* Fixed hydraulic accumulator pressure on modern gauges always showing full pressure
* Autopilot trim cutout switches will now also stop the speed trim
* Scavange pump will not trigger unless a center-tank pumpswitch has been turned on then off
* Animated stopwatch buttons
* Vertical speed scrollwheel can now turn "infinitely" (instead of running against an invisible turn limit)

Cheers, Jan


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