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Cessna announces the Corvalis TTx w/Garmin G2000 !!!!


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Because white paint reflects the sun rays the best. Parts of aircraft, that are painted in different colurs, reflect and absorb different amounts of solar energy (what isn't reflected, is absorbed). Since most materials change their dimensions upon heating/cooling, the white parts change their dimensions by a different amount, than dark areas. This producess stress forces in the airframe skin, which has some long term negative impact, as the skin slightly deforms from its original shape during each cycle under the sun. It's not a coincidence, that paintwork is usually done on sides of the fuselage, while top of it and top of the wings stays white. Colourful aerobatic planes are a different story, because of the way they're operated and maintained. I suppose, there is also a financial matter, as elaborate paints are more expensive, than simple white finish with few stripes here and there.

Search for an "antiflash white" camouflage, for an extreme case of this principle.

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