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XPFR's B-17G

UH-60 Blackhawk

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I know there's a thread in General Discussion, but the B-17 isn't just general.  It is the best of the best.  I took some shots on my X-Plane machine (Typing on my laptop now), and will post them here after I get it started (the shots were for the VATSIM screenshot contest for this month, I was just getting the bird in the air for the shots, didn't care about the crashing at the time).  The checklist is long, but I expect extremely accurate.  3D model?  The only bad part is that you can't see the glass from the inside at parts.  [sarcasm]A tragedy, I know.[/sarcasm]  Once I can fly it, I'm sure I will have things to add to this list.


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Ok, here it is.

1. The Chin turret is misshapen and far too large.

2. The exterior textures are not of sufficient resolution to accurately reproduce nose art.

3. The angle of the cockpit A-pillar is too large. (IMHO this is a characteristic of the B-17 that contributes to its appearance in a major way- see included picture)

4. The tail turret is a little shapeless, kind of a blend between the canvas-faired early version and the cheyenne (metal) version.

5. The Cowl flap textures are incorrectly mapped, making it impossible to create accurate anti-glare panels, among other things.

6. The cheek turrets and cheek windows are a little off...

7. There is a highly annoying seam running down the center fuselage in front of the cockpit.

8. The wing appears a little thick.

9. There are no doors! (I have added them in my liveries)

10. The top turret is a little too tall.



Don't get me wrong- most aspects of this plane are beyond comparison. I just happen to have a special affinity for the B-17, hence my nitpicking. :)

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