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TBM 900 - Start Up Issues


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I'm new to this aircraft and I'm having an issue during startup.  I've followed the startup procedure, but the starter will not engage, nor will the AUX BP power up.  I've noticed that a number of systems are displayed with a red "X" on the MFDs. 

What am I missing?


-Edit:  If I 'Reload the Current Aircraft' from X Plane drop down menu, it resolves the issue.  Why is it doing this in the first place? 

Also worth noting, the issue only occurs after I've flown the aircraft and shut-down, saved flight and resumed saved flight.  Battery is full, shut-down seems successful (no errors or worn components in maintenance panel). All switches are in identical positions in reloaded aircraft vs. saved aircraft.

Start Up Issues.png

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Hi there, I think it’s a known save bug. Did you load up from a previous flight by any chance?  If so re position your plane by going into location customise setting and then selecting with part of the airport you want to be placed. Iv also had good results from also just selecting  continue last flight option, rather than loading your last flight from the xplane main menu. 

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