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possible bug


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Hello folks, this is a superb plane.

However there seems to be a problem with the com radio freq.

Its just one freq. that is giving me a problem.

!26.320,  its not the first set of numbers , its the second set that's the problem.

I cannot dial in 320, it will only allow 315 below or 325 above but not 320.

Atc is asking me to call 126.320. but I cannot get the last digits 320, only 315 below it or 325 above it.

I have been using the default atc and 124thatcv2 , and I cannot dial in that one set of numbers on the back end 320.

Is that a bug , or am I missing something.




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This is not a TBM 900 bug. This happens in all X-Plane aircraft. 

This has not really been a problem in X-Plane. If you need to dial in a frequency ending in 0, the one the ends with a 5 will also work.

If you need 126.320 just enter 126.325 and it will work.

However, if 124thatcv2 separates .320 and .325 into different frequencies, they will have to adjust their code because X-plane does not see these as different frequencies. I recall reading somewhere that X-Plane only looks at the first two digits after the period.

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126.320 MHz is not an aeronautical communications frequency, neither in 25kHz spacing nor in 8.33 kHz.

For 25kHz spacing (the legacy standard), when speaking the frequencies over the radio, you only should say maximum two decimal numbers, and actually old radios will only display two decimals, as the third one is implicit.

E.g., for the four available frequencies in the 126.3xx MHz with 25 kHz spacing:

Actual frequency -> Spoken over the radio

126.300 -> 126.3 (one two six decimal three)

126.325 -> 126.32 (one two six decimal three two)

126.350 -> 126.35 (one two six decimal three five)

126.375 -> 126.37 (one two six decimal three seven)

So, when you are told by the ATC frequency 126.32, if you have a radio with two decimals you set 126.32, but if it has 3 decimal positions, you set 126.325.

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