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55+ FPS to 10 or less FPS in mere seconds....


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Hello everyone,

I am FRUSTRATED as all get out!!! For the past few days, I have had a situation that is mind boggling... I have been using 10.50 from steam and x plane has been running awesome. Updated Skymaxx 3.3.1 and for whatever reason, I fly along for sometimes 10, 20, 30 minutes or less or even sometimes I let my system run overnight without an issue and then WHAMO!!!! System creps from 55 fps to 10 or less in seconds and then crawls and stays there.... I have 2VRAM and it shows in my render screen I am way under at 725 or so. I have twice now uninstalled everything and even did a malware check, fan speed test, cleaned my computer of dust and have repeatedly run IORBIT to update all drivers and I am STILL having this horrible issue! I feel something has gotten into steams software or something. I have even reverted back to 10.45 and still out of nowhere the system crawls and temps, RAM and and everything else shows fine if anything, it shows everything is under specs. I am as we speak running nothing but the program itself. Stock planes, stock clouds and I am still having this issue. The only thing I can remember doing but should not have anything I don't think will cause this issue is I deleted the windows10 old file. I have been running Windows 10 for as long as it has been out and I have NEVER experienced this issue before.

Any help on this matter I would GREATLY appreciate because I fly daily and this is KILLING ME!!!

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maybe you are one of a lot of people experienced poor performance from nowhere during the past days, now being known to be caused by a recent windows 10 update? If so, uninstall it and you should be fine. Check here, there are already several other posts all around the same.



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Oh, I read the entire post and one stated this:

Many people have this problem. Have a read here: 

Its the latest windows 10 update that is causing problems. If you remove the latest update you should be fine :) This update is called: KB3176936



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So if what you say is correct then I am Golden!!!! Thanks again for all your help. I will keep you posted.

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Just want to note that yesterday another Windows 10 update (KB3189866) arrived. As updates are cumulative, this shows the same problem as the other one.

Apparently only OpenGL games are affected (there are mostly threads about this by users of Second Life viewers, and some games like RuneScape, D&D Online and even WoW). Only solution is uninstalling and blocking the updates, until Microsoft gets aware of it (there are a few threads at answers.microsoft.com about it, but so far no official reaction) and tries to solve it.

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