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I'm not going to press on the developers to expose their datarefs, but I would only like to add that un-hiding some of the datarefs could be in a way beneficial. For instance I still think that the current clouds are way too grey, but there are other's who prefer them just the way they are. Tailoring one feature just for me, or a minority, is simply not something that is to be expected. Also one can not expect for the development team to expose's its software just because some of the features are in a way missing, or not to one's wishes.


The best thing to do is to share your idea with the development team. I'm pretty sure if the idea or a wish is beneficial to the addon they will look into it. Remember when RWC was first released many of us were not happy that the clouds were still redrawing upon cell and weather reloads so the team gave us an option to lock the weather in the cell you're currently flying which means that they do listen to their users base. 


Now for your case the performance drops many of us are experiencing are tied to strange cpu and frame spikes which are already discuss in another topic so it's best to wait and see what the team can do to improve on that situation before asking for any big changes.



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