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About This File

This is a quick and dirty Windows Console application i made in order to create Company Routes for the IXEG B737-300.

To get company routes which you can open by the FMC you could also use a simple text editor, however it was a tedious process so i decided to do this converter.

All you have to do is to copy the route you are going to fly to the clipboard, only its waypoints and airways like this for example "XENAK UM985 LEDRI UL140 ALAMU DCT TEGRI UL605 NEKUL",

then run the "route to ixeg fmc.exe" which will now ask you for the ORIGIN and Destination Airport (4-Letter ICAO Format in CAPITALS for each),

once you entered those its done and there should be a coroute file ready to be opened by the FMC of the IXEG B737-300

If your ORIGIN is, as in this example, LROP and your Destination is LTBA just enter LROPLTBA into the "CO ROUTE" line of the FMC and the route will be loaded.



But first of all for setting it up you must check and enter the location of your IXEG Coroute file folder in the Settings.ini of the application.

Mine is "D:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/X-Plane 10/Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic/coroutes/" so i entered it as a default.

Also be carefull when you copy your route to the clipboard not to include any Airport, Runway, Flight Level, Sid, Star, Transition or anything else other than Waypoints and Airways (DCT and DIRECT is acceptable),

it also has to be in CAPITAL letters same as the ORIGIN and Destination.


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