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  1. Vesa

    Vr distortion in left eye lense

    I realized the same thing, just forgot to mention that on the other thread. Br. Vesa
  2. Vesa

    TBM 900 v1.1.2 Update Released!

    Hello! HUD doesn’t work correctly on VR either. It shouldn,t be visible anywhere else than in opened HUD glass. Now it’s hoovering everywhere. Br. Vesa
  3. Vesa

    Brunner Force feedback compatibility ?

    Hi, Most likely I’m not in Hot Start discord, since I even don’t know what it is. Is there any other way to send me that profile excel? I am willing to test it. -Vesa
  4. Vesa

    Brunner Force feedback compatibility ?

    Hello cmbaviator, Yes, I’m sure about the TBM. I fly it almost daily. Since I don’t have CLS-E NG but CLS-E, I can’t say about the forces of NG model. But you can add maximum force that NG provides to any plane you want. -Vesa
  5. Vesa

    Brunner Force feedback compatibility ?

    Hi, I have a Brunner CLS-E yoke and it works perfectly with TBM 900 and IGEX 737. I haven’t done final tuning for TBM yet, so I still use the same settings that I have with PC-12. No problems at all. It is a amazing yoke and brings a real life feeling to simulator espacially when using it with VR. I’m flying real planes too, so it’s easy to compare. Br. Vesa
  6. Vesa

    Chessna drive to left during start

    Hi ster100, Single engine Cessna really turns left in real life during take-off. You need to compensate it by pushing right pedal. So nothing is wrong. -Vesa