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  1. SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    Actually it does not seerm to happen any more; I can't tell exactly when it stopped because I haven't been testing the demo very often.
  2. SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    Hi, Mine is the very latest Macbook Pro 15" with Radeon Pro 460 4096 MB; the curious thing is that this only happens with xplane 11. José
  3. SMP still crashes with metar parsing

    In my mother tongue there's a saying that can be losely translated by "Trying to teach Our Father to the priest"; I guess that's what I was trying to do. I've done a little programming, never in C and mostly in interpreted languages.
  4. SMP still crashes with metar parsing

    I understand that, Frank, but anything is better than a crash; wouldn't it be possible to have a global "On Error DO" that somehow avoided the crash, even if it meant switching to default clouds?
  5. SMP still crashes with metar parsing

    Frank, Instead of coding for every possible metar inconsistency couldn't just code something like "I can't figure this out, let's ignore these guys"
  6. SkyMaxx Pro v4.0.1 Has Been Released!

    I guess you'll just have to wait, like the rest of us.
  7. SkyMaxx Pro v4.0.1 Has Been Released!

    This is a metar parsing issue that has been reported in another thread.
  8. SMP still crashes with metar parsing

    It happened while testing XP11 demo at KSEA, then Itried XP10 and I had a similar crash. I attach both log files and Metars. José Log.txt MAXX_METAR.rwx METAR.rwx Log.txt
  9. SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    Frank, I was going to abandon this subject but Then I had an idea to try and increase the visual effects; it was set to medium and I managed to get clouds by increasing to high. This is an unexpected limitation, but there you are.
  10. SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    I did a fresh instal, rebooted the computer and I can tell you that if this is how it is supposed to look in XP11, I much prefer XP10. I won't insist since I'm not flying in XP11 anyway. Thanks for your time and attention. José
  11. SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    I'm not running out of memory, how could I if there's no scenery? We've discussed this before and my conclusion was that the available memory reported by SMP on a Mac is nothing like the real available memory (I know you disagree). Anyway, if I switch to XP10, with loads of scenery an plugins, everything runs smotthly with very acceptable FPS. Also, if you look at my first picture you'l notice that XP11 was running at 20 FPS, which confirms that there is no lack of memory. Is it possible that in a reinstal something is used from a previous version or is everything erased? I could try to erase everything manaully and do a fresh instal, instead of the reinstal. I'm not sure if that counts against my activation slots, which are probably running very low.
  12. SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    Tried that and there is some difference but it is featureless, like a cloud layer appears just as fog. Furthermore, as I was increasing the camera altitude, x-plane crashed, reportedly due to Silver Lining. Log.txt
  13. SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    I'm running the demo, so I only have this scenario, but I've tried in diferent airports and I can only see cirrus. Could this be specific to the demo?
  14. SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    I already did that, I reinstalled SMP 4, I believe it did delete everything there was from the previous instal. I wii soon get through my activation slots.
  15. SMP4 doesn't seem right on XP11

    Frank, I tried your suggestions and it didn't work, I then downgraded to SMP 3.3.2 and it still doesn't work; I was wandering if it could have something to do with this Radeon graphics, although it is the same for XP10. José