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  1. larjeet

    NA - Washington3D

  2. larjeet

    Who Remembers when...

    Dam remembering my cox PT 19 U-control model airplane must make me a dinosaur
  3. larjeet

    Neet effects

    This was taken with beta 10.30
  4. larjeet

    Air Malaysia 777 Missing

    It was on its way to Somalia
  5. larjeet

    the world according to John

    A little urbanMAXX, skyMAX pro 1.32 and MAXX FX red shift :)
  6. Flight simming will never be the same
  7. larjeet

    MAXX FX Early Look by Redpier1

    Wow I think we are going to have to rename it from Xplane to Maxxplane looks good John
  8. larjeet

    Reality check

    Of course you can Colin Im looking forward to CYNJ
  9. larjeet

    Reality check

    What can I say
  10. larjeet

    Landing at Blaine

    Colin I think you are the first person ever to do Blaine for a flight sim I have never seen it in either FS or XP and Yes John all I can say is why are you not working for laminar . I had taken a bit of a break from Xplane for a while getting my life back in order after the death of my wife and was exited to see the progress you guys have made . Keep up the good work
  11. larjeet

    Landing at Blaine

    Tried out Skymax Pro and went for a flight around the lower mainland and decided to land at Colin's Blaine Wa. airport Wow what can I say incredible .
  12. larjeet

    Sky Color Add-ons (links etc.)

    do I need to uninstall skymax extreme when installing skymax pro
  13. larjeet

    What did you fly today?

    just love this shot
  14. larjeet

    HD Mesh Scenery V2 - file troubles?

    Are you signed into your flightsim.com account even if you have the paid membership you still have to be signed in I have downloaded 5 of them and the largest took no more than 10 minutes with the paid and would have taken about 12 hours with out the membership . It sounds like you where trying to download them all at once download them individually its faster