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  1. X-Aviation Customer Support???

    Ok, whatever. I am done with x-aviation. Ciao!
  2. X-Aviation Customer Support???

    I am not trying to insult you. I am just trying to say that you don't even trying to pretend you care about your clients. Your clients are guilty in anyway. They even guilty if your support service does not respond to requests sent via your web site for weeks. And your clients, who paid money to you, have to search alternate ways to contact Your Majesty:) And they have to listen how dumb and how guitly they are for their money:) That stinks, man.
  3. X-Aviation Customer Support???

    I paid for XP10 version and I don't need XP11 version. And I have no any back up of the MU-2 unfortunately. Well, I expected something like that from you, man. And I guess I won't ever buy anything from your store and I will recommend to do the same to anyone who will ask for advise. And I will ask for MU-2 distrib. in community. The guys won't be so snobbish, I am sure. So good luck with your "business" and "support" like that.
  4. X-Aviation Customer Support???

    So do you mean that I cannot get my paid addon anymore? Is this what you mean?
  5. X-Aviation Customer Support???

    Hi! About a week ago I sent a request to X-Aviation via the form on the web site. No respond so far so here is the request again. I downloaded the latest version of MU-2 and did not pay attention that it is for XP 11 only so I uninstalled previous version of MU-2 from my XP-10. Where could I download the MU-2 version for XP-10, please? Thanks!
  6. Hello Cameron, Thanks for your feedback. I've just done it. Ticket #X3I1Z.
  7. Ok, thanks Cameron! sent via Tapatalk for Lumia
  8. Hi X-aviation crew! Can anybody reply me? sent via Tapatalk for Lumia
  9. Hi guys! I bought RWC on Apr. 19 and accidently bought two copies of the product instead of one so I filed a ticket asking for a refund for the order #35590 as for undesirable purchase (order # 35589 is alright). It's been six days now and I have not gotten any feedback on this yet so I wonder if anyone will contact me on this matter? Also I have not downloaded any copy of a product yet.
  10. SAAB no sound

    Ok, thanks <br />
  11. SAAB no sound

    Do you mean the ground service plugin by Jar Design, Cameron? <br />
  12. SkyMaxx Pro V2.0 Very Poor Frame Rates

    Thanks guys! I will check what you've mentions and will let you know. <br />
  13. SkyMaxx Pro V2.0 Very Poor Frame Rates

    Hi guys! Any more ideas? Thanks!
  14. SkyMaxx Pro V2.0 Very Poor Frame Rates

    Sorry Cameron, removing plugins haven't helpedas well as default Sky Maxx settinghave not changed FPS dramaticaly.
  15. SkyMaxx Pro V2.0 Very Poor Frame Rates

    Hi Cameron, Thanks for your respond. Efass and XPrealWX do different things. Efass is more likely flight planner (having a weather engine though. I disabled it). XPrealWX generates weather, cloud layers, winds etc. And before sending LOG file I got rid of Python totally but I think I sent you LOG from my previous sim launch so I do not have them now. I will remove the rest, check and will let you know. As to Sky Maxx setting, the problem is they do not impact FPS on my system so FPS drops are a bit random. But I gonna try set them to default anyway an will also let you know.