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  1. I have hydraulic pump sound never goes off in XP 10 version more or less often too so this looks like a regular issue.
  2. Hi all, I have a constatn error evey single time I move my gear handle to "Gear up" position after take-off or on ground. As a mininmum I get the message shown on the screen shot and the hydraulic puump sound loops untill I shut the sim dow, sometimes the sim crashes, sometimes mouse weheel knobs rotate ability disapperas. But everything srats after putting the handle on my CH Yoke in the gear up position. I re-installed the aircraft several times both automatically and manually but no success. The problem remaines. Iny ideas on what goes on, please? I just can't use the ver. 1.4,1 Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  3. Hi Cameron, I followed your advise and it works now. Thank you so much!
  4. Hi Cameron, Ok, I will try this and report back. Thanks!
  5. Yes, I am absolutely sure that I have 1.4.1 version. I unpacked it from the archive with the same name and I downloaded it from my acount at x-aviation.com
  6. Hmmm... Let me check it. I will let you know.
  7. Hi Goran, Thanks for asking, It gives me this (attached). I also attached Gizmo log and log.txt once again. But when I turn on the batteries and connect ground зцук unit I have sonds. but I haven't started engines though so I cannot say for sure if the rest sounds are there. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  8. Any guess on that? I cannot use the aircraft ever since I updated it to ver. 1.4.1. I have re-installed it already but no success. Knobs are inactive still
  9. Hi> I have the same issue. XP10, a/c ver. 1.4.1. I cannot move any knobs by rotatting the mouse whee despite off I have checked the proper chack box in the prefs menu.+ GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  10. Do you mean the ground service plugin by Jar Design, Cameron? <br />
  11. Thanks guys! I will check what you've mentions and will let you know. <br />
  12. Sorry Cameron, removing plugins haven't helped as well as default Sky Maxx setting have not changed FPS dramaticaly.
  13. Hi Cameron, Thanks for your respond. Efass and XPrealWX do different things. Efass is more likely flight planner (having a weather engine though. I disabled it). XPrealWX generates weather, cloud layers, winds etc. And before sending LOG file I got rid of Python totally but I think I sent you LOG from my previous sim launch so I do not have them now. I will remove the rest, check and will let you know. As to Sky Maxx setting, the problem is they do not impact FPS on my system so FPS drops are a bit random. But I gonna try set them to default anyway an will also let you know.
  14. Hi Frank! Here are log file, rendering options menu screen shot and Sky Maxx settings menu screen shot. What I found yesterday is I got around +2 or 3 FPS turning Blue FX plugin off and significant FPS gain turning off Gismo and Silverline plugins via enable\disable X-plane menu menu. And another one feature is Sky Maxx settings does not affect significantly on frame rates:( Thanks for your assistance! V Log.txt
  15. Hi guys! I have the same problem as Tom used to have but реу only difference is my drivers are up-to-date. I re-installed Sky Maxx, moved settings sliders back and fourth etc. etc. Before Sky Maxx I hade 30-40 fps average at almost maxed out X-plane but now I have kind random FPS drops to 5-7 FPS regardless of the scenery/aircraft and the average FPS is around 12-15 (17 in its best) and despitу off I max out the Sky Maxx or put all the sliders to the left and disable Gods Rays and Lens Flare effects. Any ideas? My system is Win 10 Intel i5 4570 3.2 GHz GeForce GTX780 RAM16Gb Thanks!
  16. Thanks Cameron. I have just found out that after updating is finished it offers me this options! Sorry about being a dummy!
  17. Hi all! <br />Would anyone help me please? Once I installed passenger version of Saab and several liveries and quit the installer I have no idea now on how to add a cargo version of it and more liveries via original installer or without it. Can anyone help me with that, please? <br />Thanks in advance! <br />Sent from my Lumia 1520 via Tapatalk
  18. Ok< I checked it once again on the short hop from Key West to Miami Intl. I guess this was some random bug with hydraulic pump sound as I could not recreate it. Sorry guys and thanks for your help!
  19. Ok, noted. Thanks! <br />Sent from my Lumia 1520 via Tapatalk
  20. Oh ok. Thanks. Will check out if I have a leakage next time it stays on. <br />Sent from my Lumia 1520 via Tapatalk
  21. Ok got you, thanks! As to the pump sound I got it twice during the take-off from Key West while retracting gears, I will try to recreate it once again and will let you know.
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