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    Announcing The Gate to the Great Lakes

    Impressive and I am willing to buy, but to be honest if the prices are above ORBx (and they are way too expensive with +$30 for airports and +$50 for regions) then it will be too expensive too me to support this project.
  2. wim1976

    Xplane 11?

    I hope you will recover quickly. These issues are more important than our hobbies. Get well soon. Verstuurd vanaf mijn HTC 10 met Tapatalk
  3. wim1976

    fps increase after using X-Plane menu

    How long long was X-plane running before you opened a window? What is your traffic density? X-plane builds up the traffic again after closing a window, so the first moments you have less traffic than before, resulting in more fps for some time. How do the fps stabilize after some minutes? Didn't you change a view angle? Because this can cause a huge fps increase or decrease.
  4. wim1976

    What did you fly today?

    EHAM - IXEG Boeing 737-300 flying tutorial 1. Need still some more circuits to fly this great plane. Thanks IXEG!
  5. wim1976

    After update strange instruments dispaly

    I think it is helpful when you post also the x-plane en gizmo log files. The developers then can check if Gizmo is running well.
  6. wim1976

    Skymaxx Pro v3.1 & Real Weather Connector Error

    Try re-installing after you turned off the anti-virus software temporarily. In my case this was a problem installing the software. Not relevant in this case.
  7. wim1976

    GPS Xplane 530 not working in Saab 340

  8. wim1976

    Xlife ready!

    What is the difference with World Traffic? It looks like similar products.
  9. I want to use some buttons from the default X-Plane userinterface png file via texUI = gfx.getTexture_UI() But how can I use a single button instead of the whole file?
  10. wim1976

    Custom widget using XP userinterface

    Thanks for your answer. Then I have to learn some OpenGL... Is it binding a texture coordinate to a vertices or something?? Do you have a tip to get a good startingpoint learning opengl?
  11. wim1976

    Saitek yoke and X-Plane 10.xx

    Pull out the USB-cable and replug it again. It will reset the jittery effects of the Saitek sensors.
  12. Maybe a stupid question, but how do I turn on the GPS?
  13. wim1976

    Testing for keypress

    Thanks for your answer. I have found a solution. With textboxes I can use a the function EventHandler_OnKeyDown(char, keyCode, shift, alt, control), whereby "EventHandler" is replaced by the name which was defined at creating the widget (in my case the textbox). It costed me some time to find this Gizmo function (your answers made me think there must a sort of keysniffer in Gizmo). After searching in my collection of Gizmo scripts (My way of learning programming is always reading code of other who are more clever than I (You understand, I can use everything ) After all I found one script (Filebrowser.lua) of yours which I downloaded some time ago from Github (I was glad I did, because at the moment it seems you have deleted many gizmo scripts there) where this function was used. After that it was very easy to implement it for my new script. So I think it could be helpful to add this event to the Gizmo64 documentation. Another thing is that I now need a xxx_OnKeyDown() function for every textfield. So defining a taborder at creating the userinterface is a good idea. Another way to have less messy code is to create a function GetFocus() to find the widgetID of the 'active' widget in combination with one xxx_OnKeyDown() function which is used for all widgets of Gizmo. It is an easy way to put all my widgets in a table. I can use the index of the table as the taborder and voila I can tab forward and backwards. Finally a short function using _OnKeyDown() which can be used to write the values to the console, so one gets an understanding how this function can be implemented and which values (of course ASCII values) are generated by your keypresses. WidgetID = gui.newTextBox(WindowID,"EventHandler","", 135, 100, 35)function EventHandler_OnKeyDown(char, keyCode, shift, alt, control) console.log ("char: "..char.." keycode: "..keyCode.." shift: "..tostring(shift).." alt: "..tostring(alt).." control: "..tostring(control))end
  14. wim1976

    Testing for keypress

    I am writing a weight and balance calculator. I use textboxes to enter values which are used in the calculation. But is it possible to test for the <SHIFT>,<CTRL>,<TAB> etc. keypresses, so that I can uses this to set the focus to a next or previous textbox or widget. Clicking each field with the mouse is somewhat annoying.
  15. wim1976

    Gizmo 15.09 - Dev Release

    Donation is done, after some PayPal trouble.
  16. wim1976

    Gizmo 15.09 - Dev Release

    I have downloaded the new version, but Gizmo complained that it can't find the init.lua file, while it is in the <scripts> folder. See GizmoLog and screenshot for details. GizmoLog.txt
  17. wim1976

    Gizmo 15.09 - Dev Release

  18. What is the source of this table? Interesting to see the big difference between the i6700 and i6600.
  19. wim1976

    X-Plane Performance and Bottlenecks?

    Indeed it was an assumption at diverse IT forums. But Intel informed at the press-release that Intel doesn't have implemented Inverse Hyperthreading. But other changes in the architecture are responsible for some major single thread performance as seen in the Mozilla Kraken benchmark. So I Don't expect a great performance gain for X-Plane. Of course I am interested in performance benchmarks with X-Plane with this processor.
  20. wim1976

    Camera position

    Last question today, before I quit my PC and go cycling. When using camera.setPositionGL there is no change in position. How can i use this function to set the camera, or is it better to change the dref values of the pilots_head position. The following is the buggy code I made until now: function BtnGo_OnClick() x,y,z = camera.getPositionGL() --console.log ("x: "..x.." y: "..y.." z: "..z) x = x + 0.01 y = y + 0.01 z = z + 0.01 camera.getControl() camera.setPositionGL(x,y,z) camera.releaseControl() --console.log ("nx: "..x.." ny: "..y.." nz: "..z)end
  21. wim1976

    Camera position

    With the code of the first post I have to delete the camera.releaseControl()* function call to work properly, but than I can not use any X-Plane commands or the mouse anymore to change the view direction. I understand that this is logical to the fact I did not release the control. The solution I found is that I first program a camera-movement and after ending the move I set the pilots_head_x, pilots_head_y and pilots_head_z dataref values to the new position, followed by releasing the cameracontrol back to X-Plane. Is this the correct way do it?
  22. wim1976

    Custom widget

    I am experimenting with Gizmo to program a in-game tutorial, so people can learn a plan step by step, while my program gives instructions and test if the instructions are followed etc. I want to use custom widget. I already succeeded in one important step: showing pictures in a custom widget. But I have also created an _OnClick eventprocedure but that one isn't called after clicking on my pixture. What am I doing wrong. local window = gui.newWindow("wndTutor")function wndTutor_OnCreate() local sw, sh = gfx.getScreenSize() local w = 500 local h = 500 local l = sw/2 - w/2 local t = sh/2 - h/2 gui.setWindowSize(window,l,t,w,h) gui.setWindowCaption(window,"Flight Instructor (experimental)") local cw = 329 local ch = 153 local cl = w/2 - cw/2 local ct = h/2 - ch/2 -- loading the texture to use it in the picturebox texture = gfx.newTexture() texture = gfx.loadPng(acf.getFolder().."/scripts/data/xplane.png") picturebox = gui.newCustomWidget(window,"PictureBox1",cl,ct,cw,ch) gui.showWindow(window)endfunction PictureBox1_OnDraw() gfx.useTexture(texture,0) gfx.drawTexturedQuad(1,1,329,153)endfunction PictureBox1_OnClick() sound.say("Clicked on picture") console.log("Clicked on picture")end
  23. Great news! For until now I think I will create a 2D picture in Photoshop with added text and place that picture in a custom widget. The drawback of this method is that scaling will be ugly, because the text is now a picture and not a vector anymore. I also could use a custom widget for each line of text, but than I have an ugly code to maintain.
  24. For my goal it would be easy to create labels or (preferrable) custom widgets with multilines. But is seems Gizmo handles the newline escape characters not good, or more likely I am doing something wrong. See picture with code and result. EDIT: The uploader did an ugly compression. The info is barely readable, but I think still usable.
  25. wim1976

    Camera position

    I have two installations of X-Plane. One for development and one for flying (with the SAAB, DC-3, MU-2 etc.). In the development version I don't have installed any X-Aviation product and used an outdated beta version of Gizmo. After copying the most recent version of Gizmo from the 'flying' version I could use the camera.setPositionGL function. Thanks!