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  1. Two CTD in a row

    Update: Managed to do a flight from A to B without much hickup, except for some Gizmo issues. A Windows popped up, but did not see what it was except some error regarding autoland. So I got this from the log which by the way is included for this flight debug: 0.160: Firmware v16.09.27.0342 debug: 0.162: Machine ID: 8af258dcd479a718c049fed5542fd857 warng: 0.165: GUI Read Key Protection Applied. debug: 0.170: X-Plugins OBJ8 Loader v15.01.11 debug: 0.329: * gxt.refresh().. debug: 0.333: gxt: AutoLoading.. debug: 0.335: gxt.load: Console debug: 0.337: gxt.load: ToolTray debug: 0.339: gxt.load: HotFix debug: 0.341: gxt.load: Mute debug: 0.343: gxt.load: Preferences debug: 0.345: gxt.load: RebootButton debug: 0.347: gxt.load: GateKeeper debug: 0.349: X-Aviation Licensing: Load license.. debug: 0.354: X-Aviation Licensing: License is valid. debug: 0.356: gxt.load: MAXX_RWC warng: 0.358: gxt.load: ErrorReport: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? debug: 0.359: gxt.load: Shell debug: 0.361: gxt: Completed AutoLoad. GizmoLog.txt
  2. License update function

    Thank you very much, neglected to look there
  3. Two CTD in a row

    First crash I went into the preferences and changed to start cold and dark, then it crashed to desktop Then I reinstalled the airplane for a fresh install in X-Plane 11, updated the Navdata via Navigraph, loaded up X-Plane and started to reconfigure. Got to pushback and engine start. Just after selecting No.2 to GND while pushing back with nose right Then without any warning, desktop!! Included are both crash reports, log files and other files. Hoping you can see if it is IXEG or X-Plane related but GizmoLog.txt Log.txt 25c36b49-d56a-49f6-bdd8-51ccc01b4fcb.dmp Time 1342 crash_report_08_04_2017_13_32_45.rpt fc701626-17d3-467f-a159-f7d0b1a7c4d9.dmp Time 14:32
  4. License update function

    hmm perhaps in the wrong category, oh well move if needed.
  5. License update function

    Hi Love the new feature, but keep annoying myself over the fact that I need to click the windows to make it disappear. Why not set a sleep and kill function to autoclose the window i.e. after 2-3 seconds. All I actually need is to see that the license is updated.
  6. 737-300 IXEG for Linux

    Everything for Linux should remain free, now there's a market for ya
  7. TCAS CleanUp for the IXEG 733 - LUA Script

    No Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk
  8. TCAS CleanUp for the IXEG 733 - LUA Script

    Great work Stian
  9. Developer request for paid work.

    As an update to this post, we are now looking for one particular person that knows this? 1. Blender - Animation 2. Plane Maker /with emphasis on multi-copter 3. Plugin knowledge or knowledge with data refs.
  10. Hi, I'll give a crack at X-Pilot first. If someone feels they have the knowledge and expertise to handle this forward request, please pm me The X-Plane simulator is very nicely integrated with the QGround Control and Mission Planner and the Mavlink based autopilots. It can be extended by: 1) Defining new planes (including texture) 2) Defining new environments/location What we need is the following: 1) Have someone to design the Drone/Multicopter test platform with a 3D stabilised camera, in as an XPlane aeroplane. 2) Have someone to design a SCENERY according to some drawings we will get, into the XPlane scenery. 3) Add some virtual sensors. That is, use the KNOWN position from the simulator and create a stochastic point cloud from the know surroundings that is exported over UDP. The goal is to create a point cloud that I then can use to find the absolute position and compare it with the simulators know position. In a simulator, you get GPS data even inside a house, and without drift, so we can compare the estimate to the real values. Best regards Tom Knudsen
  11. Hotfixes

    Hi Cannot find any link to any new hotfixes for the 1.1 but see on FB groups they are talking about it. Is there an hotfix out or is it just rumors.
  12. XP Coloring Bug?

    This is mearly a question Is this a "not compatible" issue or a IXEG 1.1. bug? I see magenta coloring in the gauges as shown on the images from XP11 Cannot replicate in XP10
  13. [Solved]Crashes on License update

  14. [Solved]Crashes on License update

    Hi guys, I re-downloaded the installer, uninstalled everything and removed all files and folders. Then I installed the plane in xp10. For some reason it never asked me for a license, and when I clicked the license I could see all my purchases. Funny enough I initially though it was someone elses as I did not remember some of the items on the list lol.. Anyway on that keynote I went on and pressed the update license button as shown above which sent me to desktop. I went and did a new start and tried again with success. The license was updated and FMS now show version 1.1.. PS was there a hotfix out, tried the hotfix function, but did not find a code anywere so...? All is well now I hope, fingers crossed. Going to try XP11 today, just to see if it works.. Also wondering If after version 1.1.we still need to go into planemaker and activate the APU there still? Thanks guys, awesome work on the new license feature, love it... Sent from my SM-P900 using Tapatalk