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  1. A Dedicated Thank You!!

    Hi With this post, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all team members that participated in the making of the IXEG 737. Since I am clueless to whom those individuals are, this post is also generic to the extent that I also want to express my gratitude to all those not mentioned in this post. To the Team and beyond! Thank you, Morten and the development team. Thank you for having the audacity to embark on such a project and whilst I do not know all the names in the group, please feel the gratitude as you would If I had mentioned you by name. Thank you to all the beta testers! I know there has been an extensive number of hours gone into developing and testing this lovely bird. And I do feel I speak for every customer when I say WE DO APPRECIATE IT ALL, every minute, every second of the time you spent making this. I would imagine that we are most likely united when I say we do love the plane and all the joy and grief it has given us. I for one would say it has been worth it, it is truly the best aeroplane ever made for X-Plane, period! I do hope you continue the development as a team, but I will understand if you don't. I for one would gladly pay for updates if this means this project will continue! Special thank you is in order! To Jan: I am gobsmacked with your time spent on extended testing and sharing of information with fellow flight simmer. We are blessed to have your expertise and dedication, both on scenery developments and IXEG member. Your dedication is a true value to the X-Plane Community. And I do hope you continue to share your knowledge of the IXEG 737 aeroplane. You can learn so much from books and papers, but to have a real life pilot giving advice on what to do and not to do, is essential and weight in gold. Sharing how you do things in real life is a value we as flight simmer's love and swallow with great satisfaction and amusement. To Ben Thank you so much, Ben!! I have a slight idea on how tough your day to day life has been recently and to have the IXEG world hanging on your shoulders with providing updates for the GIZMO on your spare time for almost no money. Whilst having a family to take care of is more or less outstanding, you have my deepest respect, truly. I would recommend everybody to donate money to Ben, so he can keep the Gizmo project alive. To Cameron Thank you so much, Cameron. I know you get all the shits we as customer extends on a day to day basis. I can only imagine how hard it must be to try and uphold a fair and respectful feedback, to all customer regardless of case, item, product, forum post and opinion. I have said much, most likely say some more, but my heart is pure and the respect is truly dedicated to guys like you and the rest of the IXEG team and XAviation. Many may not share this special thank you or even my opinion on the matter. This is how I feel and I would argue this every day of the week. XAviation regardless of customer satisfaction is a key player in the X-Plane Market and should have the gratitude this post extends. So to all not mentioned in this post! Thank you all, keep up the dedication and enjoyment of X-Plane development and gaming. We are in many eyes "nerdy" type of guys and girls, but we know what we love and that is what counts. There are many products and key players out there that do a fantastic job for this community, but this post is nearly a dig into that and a small humble effort from my side, to express a deep gratitude for a truly excellent product. I salute you all! Best regards Tom Knudsen
  2. Don't forget flaps!!!

  3. Alternative Airports?

    How come there is no way to enter alternative airports or request them?
  4. Light test question

    I think this is due to revisions, in some cases the wheel whell do not light up too
  5. Don't forget flaps!!!

    It's Saturday and I'll post this video for fun, but also for learning. Today I went from ENGM to ENVA, short route, and nice weather, all went normally until I was planning my decent, I noticed the speed was acting strangely Could not figure out what the heck was wrong and the immediate thought was (damn you IXEG - that buggy m#¤%"#¤# airplane) Well the joke was on me!! Actually, the joke was me, and the m#¤%#¤%#¤ pilot was me and the issue was mine. (Time to laugh) Only a small credit to my ignorance is that the strange "speed" numbers were to me an indication on a bug. I have never seen this in any airplane. My first thought was engine or instrument failure, but I did not remember where to "eliminate" failures in the plane, did actually search the preferences too LOL.. So here is what happens if you forget to rais the flaps after takeoff (didn't click many times enough on my yoke) PS.. I did use the checklist, still not sure why the flaps did not make it to UP
  6. Winter in Norway – LES DC-3 Narvik to Tromsö X-Plane 11

    Cloud look like puke, but the winter texture thingy looks good. Never tried winter in XP my self.
  7. Gizmo and X-Plane Weather data

    Hi Tried to ask Ben to help, but I take it he is offline Anyway, I was wondering if you could use GIZMO/lua to draw a fixed size window in X-Plane that parses the following data raw metar data based upon input from the user. Here is an example.. I think this would be useful, i.e. with transparent bg
  8. Suggestion for 1.1

    Yea, would be nice texturing job Thanks, but have my own and they are real :)))
  9. Category 3 ILS Limits

    Found out that Norwegian has only one airplane with CAT3b capabilities (LN-NIB) they got from Air Berlin They have a company policy to NOT have any airplanes with CAT3b, guess this is manly because in Norway only Gardermoen ENGM has CAT3B ILS and all other except Stavanger ENZV (CAT2) has CAT1
  10. Category 3 ILS Limits

    Ok thanks
  11. Category 3 ILS Limits

    I am wondering about the capability of the IXEG 737 Can it do one of the other, as far as I know it can do the first less restrictive yes? Cat3a Cat3b Cat3c
  12. Suggestion for 1.1

    Does not mean they don't exist
  13. Hi Jan

    Did a test flight today from ENGM to ENDU and followed your reccomendation to use lvl chg and heading for the appraoch. The ILS was captured but the plane never capture the G/S, not on LNAV, not on HDG or VOR/LOC

    So basically I had to do 3 approached today ending with a visual landing

    This is just insane frustrated, is the airplane at all capable of an ILS approach?

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    2. Tom Knudsen

      Tom Knudsen

      Update, did a complete landing this time at ENGM with both G/S and ILS capture.

      And I landed safely.

    3. mmerelles


      Glad you got the ILS working.


      The aircraft is not in CLIMB mode while descending on the ILS tutorial video, CLB represents what available N1 limit you have if required. NOT the aircraft flying phase.

    4. Tom Knudsen

      Tom Knudsen

      aha, thank..

      Though I did learn by talking to real life pilot that VNAV is an strage system, often they sit and wonder "what the heck is the VNAV system doing now, even in the NG..

      Also learned that Norwegian had an SOP that said to always intercept with HDG SEL since LNAV can have map shift and you are not guaranteed LOC intercept too. Often they are said to use V/S before intercept or have at least a small level of segment before intercept. 

      The one I talk to said that depending on the software the -300 did not want to capture the G/S from above but merely from below.


      So I need to re-learn the ways of the -800 and re-learn a sop where I intercept the G/S using either HDG SEL or V/S depending on the approach, terrain etc.




  14. Aircraft will not fly approach

    That would be ENOV - Still debating on payware or freeware but as of now it leans for the latter. Next project will be for sure payware and a major airport Thanks Jan. Glad to hear it, hopefully you get to include the "Rain Repellent" too, if not for use then as a dummy. Still think the overhead looks better with. Good luck with the 1.1 - I know the people look forward to it PS.. Any though on the bonus question?
  15. Aircraft will not fly approach

    Thank you Jan, glad to see you sober again I must admit I do not read the forum that much, to many hours done on scenery development project like this one That said I am ecstatic to hear I am not the only one with this issue. Nothing will demote you more than when a flight cannot be completed due to issues. Especially those that crash to desktop either it be simulator or program. Even worse is when you think its hardware related as I so painstaking did learn recently. In a previous post I though there was a bug calling the AP to disconnect, turned out to be my Saitek Flight Yoke's throttle connector (PS-2) that had a bad connection. Ended up selling the damn thing and spending 200 bucks on a new one, just to get the same damn plug included. End of the story was I argued my retailer to the point he gave me an USB edition. So hopefully now I never have any issue with the AP disconnecting or banking the aircraft mid flight for no reason. With your statement, things can only get better when VNAV system hopefully will be amended PS. Next beer is on me