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  1. Hi! What is the recommended joystic settings in this update? Thanks, Robert
  2. Hello! I purchased drzewiecki polish airports vol2 for x-plane 11 and there are missing ILS frequencies in some airports.In EPSC there is only LOC on rwy 31 and no glideslope. EPLL is empty without any ILS but it should be ILS on rwy 25. I would like to ask you if this is possible to add missing ILS in x-plane 11 and how to do this? Robert
  3. Glide Slope Warning

    Thank you Jan I checked the same departures on x-plane 10 and there is no Glide Slope Warning after take off
  4. Glide Slope Warning

    In case I would need to turn back to the airport after engine failure I set ILS frequency before departure.Sometimes when I perform some touch and go flights I used to set ILS frequency before take off.
  5. Glide Slope Warning

    Hello! I do not know if this is a bug,but everytime after departure any runway with runways ILS frequency set I hear Glide Slope Warning when airborn.For example EDDT rwy 26L,freq.109.30 Robert
  6. Hello! I have x-plane 10 and I tried to install smp v4.5.Every time I try to install smp I receive the message:Unknown error while running C:/Users/Robert/Desktop/X-Plane10/X-Aviation/Uninstall SkyMaxxPro.exe.The application will exit now. Maybe somebody could help me how to resolve this problem?? Thanks, Robert
  7. Camera shaking

    Thank you for reply! I did not enable "cinema verite" and I had still the same effect with shift of FOV after landing,FOV moved slowly upwards in the cocpit. I experienced even crash of x-plane.Maybe someone could find out if there is something wrong in my log.txt? Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  8. Camera shaking

    Thank you! "cinema verite" was disabled in my x-plane menu.
  9. Camera shaking

    Hello! I do not know if this is an issue but I experienced something strange after I installed Skymaxx pro 4 with Real-World Weather 1.1. I have in IXEG selected "Enable camera shaking" and after touchdown there is not only shake effect but the camera moves up or down,it is like floating and the point of view shifts slowly up or down.Sometimes it happens after take off.I did not have this effect before that is why I wonder if there is any conflict with any plugin or something wrong in my settings. I use x-plane 10,windows 10.I attach log.txt Robert Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  10. x-plane 10 crash

    This issue has been solved naturally.I only started x-plane after few hours and did not experience crash anymore. I hope it will work fine now.
  11. x-plane 10 crash

  12. x-plane 10 crash

    Hello! I do not know what happend but everytime I try to open x-plane I have crash. It seems that there is any problem with SkyMaxx Pro. I send my log.txt Thanks, Robert Log.txt
  13. FPS drop on touchdown

    Yes,only on this airport I have huge fps drop.I attach log.txt Log.txt
  14. FPS drop on touchdown

    Hello! Everytime I make any flight to EPWR few sec before touchdown frame rate drops from 50 to 6 and after next few sec it goes back to about 50 again.It happens everytime I fly any route programmed i fms to EPWR ,never happens when I fly pattern around EPWR airport and land.I do not go over VRAM.During the flight EPKT-EPWR I had fps around 50,only in this situation fps drop.
  15. Update X-plane 10

    Thanks! I have modified resources/default data/earth_nav.dat,changed some vor,ils in x-plane map and I dont want to keep this data it means that when I choose "overwrite every old file in this directory " data I modified will be changed to the new update? If I check "overwrite every old file in this directory " will this have an impact on some addons I installed before hd mesh v3 or something?