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  1. dainja556

    Right turn pull

    I believe that high-torque aircraft sometimes have airframes built to fly against the torque via very minor design asymmetry. Something like that might be difficult to build into the X-Plane flight model.
  2. dainja556

    Carenado A36 semi-blank PFD

    Wasn't intended to. I'm not referring to the blank PFD. About that, though, it sounds to me like Carenado released a product that, when you use the platform they chose and claimed compatibility with, results in problems. Regardless of the technical source of the problem, If they're going to claim that the plane works on that version of X-Plane and on that platform, perhaps that should have been verified prior to shipping it. If there were good quality control measures in place, perhaps that incompatibility would have been discovered and it could have been disclosed to potential buyers. I don't know that much about the blank PFD problem though, I haven't looked into it much. That's not what I was referring to, though. What I'm referring to is the myriad of problems that the Carenado planes have when they're released. All of them things that would have been caught if there was decent quality control. Just off the top of my head: the Cessna 208 missing a hand on the altimeter, the transponder light not working, the engine response being a large departure from reality. Some other recent plane having a compass that rolled over at something other than 360, turn coordinator broken, transponder dial not functional. These are all things that were present upon release. These were all things that could have been found by a little bit of flight testing. If they're missing such obvious things, it really makes me wonder how much effort is put into the behind he scenes stuff. Are they just bringing the model and textures over, making the gauges work, slapping together a flight model, and shipping it? Their support is great. They seem to get issues fixed pretty quickly once a customer points them out. But why are customers the ones to discover all of these really obvious screw ups?
  3. dainja556

    Carenado A36 semi-blank PFD

    I seriously wonder if there is any quality control element at all with the Carenado planes being released on X-Plane.
  4. dainja556

    I Hate To Ask

    By default, B or V.
  5. dainja556

    Mountain flying, just love it when looks so real

    What did you use for the photo scenery?
  6. dainja556

    Carenado Half Price Sale

    Yea, I'm really eyeing that 337 as well. Looks great.
  7. dainja556

    Rant about the Rant forum

    Hahaha, I saw that larjeet!
  8. dainja556

    Council Bluffs KCBF

    You're kidding! That sucks! It was looking awesome. I was happy to see a midwestern airport getting worked on. Nebraskan here
  9. dainja556

    Piaggio P180 Avanti II upgrade

    The P180 is one of my favorite planes. Thanks for taking this on! There was a guy that spent a lot of time upgrading the performance of the P180 for XP9 and wrote an awesome manual for it all. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=9572 Would love to have the same level of performance tuning for the one in XP10!
  10. dainja556

    Available Aircrafts & Config questions

    Your computer is fine. All three of those aircraft are available.
  11. dainja556


    Thanks for the quick reply.
  12. dainja556


    Can someone explain how the DRM packaged with this aircraft works, what restrictions it places, what will cause it to lock you out. Considering the purchase of this aircraft, but I want to know what I'm getting into.
  13. dainja556

    iPad friendly webshop please

    Flash has its advantages. If the browser supports flash, you know exactly how the interface is going to appear to them. It either shows up exactly as it's designed, or it doesn't show up. You have a LOT of control over the experience. Javascript, HTML variants, and CSS don't provide consistency between browsers like Flash does. Each scripting and rendering engine can interpret the code differently. It takes a LOT of work to get stuff to look and perform the same across the many different browsers (and their many versions). It's a mess. Developers don't expect complex designs to work for everyone... they just hack it enough that it works on the major versions and try to limit the number of visitors they exclude. How integral Flash is to the site depends on the content of the site. Artistic sites (the website of a band, for instance) can get away with deploying a website that's entirely Flash-based. They benefit from the interactive, multimedia driven interface. An informational website (Wikipedia, for example) should stay away from a site design that depends heavily on Flash, especially for site navigation and other essentials. So yes, Flash is just as current as other technologies. DHTML/JS is not a replacement for Flash. They have different entirely different capabilities and limitations. Apple is stupid for not trying to bring it to their devices.
  14. dainja556

    iPad friendly webshop please

    LOL! Maybe it's your phone that needs to 'get with the times'. Flash is everywhere.
  15. dainja556

    Air Hauler - what is it really?

    I've never tried it myself, but I know of several folks that have and ended up leaving it for FSEconomy (which is free, and much more social).