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  1. Ok, thanks. On a number of post it says the weather.txt for FSGW is in the \data directory but I do not see it at any point.
  2. Thank You, I wish FSGW would have just said that. Very confusing manual when it comes to the basic stuff. Any idea on where to point PFPX to grab the weather? I looked in the \data directory but did not see the .txt weather file. Again, thank you.
  3. Just bought FSGW and the instruction say to use .rwx file in the XP weather setup. When I select that it ask for a file location. I do not know where the file is? I also need to know where the weather.txt file (current weather) is so I can get PFPX and EFB to pick it up. Any ideas? I search but nothing.
  4. How do you uinstall terramaxx?"
  5. Am I the only one that thinks the rudder is way too sensitive? Turned down as far as I can go and its like driving a race car?
  6. When you say it works fine in 4k, what resolution are you using. I would not post an issue where there is not one. That makes no sense. I am running it on a 4K 60 inch curved display and all other pay-ware aircraft work fine so I think I can say with absolute truthfulness that it is related to the IEGX without hesitation. And yes when I ran it on a 26" non 4K it did work but not 4K.
  7. Thats weird it was not there and now it is. Yes it works in windowsed mode. I think the developer is misleading by not saying that on the sell page for the product. I was torn between the 737 and md80, chose this one because of the reviews.
  8. Now the throttles on saitek dont work. What a shame.
  9. Just switched monitors and it is working fine. Wow, cant believe this.
  10. Yea I heard that to but the option to run in window mode is gone as far as I can see in the 11.10? I do not see that option. Was it taken away?
  11. I can left click switches but when I try to rotate knobs I get the HAND icon and trying to drag or click and nothing happens, whats the deal? I am running on a 4k monitor full screen. If I give focus to another open window and quickly click on a knob it will turn one. I know it makes no sense. All five stars at 75 bucks hard to believe.
  12. I have a 3D Pro joystick which has just one throttle lever. Thanks for the help on the preferences. Well, when I say pulls right, it goes right on the ground but rolls when in the air. I view the plane from out side and everything looks neutral.
  13. Had to re install x-plane. Now the default aircraft work again but the jetstream is doing the exact thing. Pulling right. I use smooth throttles and never go to 100 % and same thing. The plane is not flyable. I am about to give up on it. Tried a bigger null zone same thing. Tried moving augmentation no joy....
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