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  1. iandiss

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Disregard my last. I found the click spot.
  2. iandiss

    P.180 Avanti II - Support

    Is it possible to hide the yoke on the current aircraft. If not will this option be incorporated in the next update.
  3. iandiss

    Nice to have

    Value for money the LES DC-3 has probably been the best investment I have made in the last 3 versions of X-plane. For $60.00 I have flown for more than 1200 hours so it works out at about $1.00 for 20 hours. Impossible to get better value per dollar than that. I have made a couple of plane maker changes to the view points to suit my own needs. I also changed the landing gear drag coefficients, which has been used by many other users, to make taxying easier on grass, dirt and gravel. All of these mods have made the aircraft a joy to fly in XP 9, 10 and 11.. I will purchase the V2.00 update as soon as it is available as the LES DC-3 is the only one in X-Plane worth buying. I wish I could say the same for all of the other aircraft I have purchased from other designers. Thanks for a great aircraft.
  4. iandiss

    DC-3 in X-plane 11

    I took it for a flight last night and it runs perfectly. I think that it actually runs better in XP11 r1.02 than in XP 10.
  5. iandiss

    DC-3 in X-plane 11

    If you look in the org downloads there are some EPOCH liveries for the DC3. These reduce the number of scratches and the instruments are very easy to read. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36608-epoch-alaska-air-for-les-dc-3/ for XP10 http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/36619-epoch-alaska-air-for-les-dc-3-in-xp11/
  6. iandiss

    DC3 & XPlane11?

    I just completed a 250 mile flight and everything worked perfectly. Better frame rates than I achieved in XP10.
  7. iandiss

    MU-2 and XP11

    I've been flying the MU-2 in XP11.b3 with no issues so far.
  8. iandiss

    DC-3 in X-plane 11

    Thanks. I hope it doesn't cause to much work and keep you away from other projects. Will be great to be able to use the old favourites in XP 11.
  9. iandiss

    DC-3 in X-plane 11

    Tried the DC-3 in X-plane 11 today. Everything seems to work except the ASIs which do not move at all. The tail wheel steering seems a bit erratic. Hope the ASIs can be fixed as this is still the only DC-3 in X-plane that is worth flying. Regards Ian Diss
  10. iandiss

    XP 10.04.2 Crash after Saab 340 update

    Thanks I just discovered the problem. Works fine with beta 3.
  11. This may only be a coincidence. I installed the update and ran XP with the Saab last night. When I tried to start XP this morning it crashes. Log.txt attached Log.txt
  12. iandiss

    HD Mesh Scenery v3 - Himalaya released!

    Thanks. Airports follow terrain selected fixed it
  13. iandiss

    HD Mesh Scenery v3 - Himalaya released!

    Thanks for this additional superb scenery. I noticed a problem with VNRC while enroute VNKT to VNLK. It's sitting on a rather large plateau rather than in a valley. Screen Shots and log.txt attached Log.txt
  14. iandiss

    Up date for the DC-3

    Tried it in the wet, runway wet, on asphalt and concrete and it taxies, takes off and lands like a dream. Yoke and rudder pedals probably make it easier as does keeping the tavying speed down.
  15. iandiss

    Up date for the DC-3

    No. But I'll give it a try now.