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  1. Hi Bob D, thank you for your suggestion, I'll dive into it! Hopefully I can then cross out this issue from my list. Without hampering Goran who will look at my issues mentioned earlier, do you perhaps also have a suggestion concerning the engine feather knobs that do not jump back, at least the left one in my case? I think that hints and tips from everyone with experience on this forum to help each other are always welcome, or it is something far away for people of course.
  2. Well, on behalf of all your DC-3/XP-10 customers, thank you for your coorporation.
  3. Goran, I've purchased XP10 in the time that XP11 did not even exist. Apart from that, it is the quality of the DC-3 itself that I have brought forward. As being a business, LES has not only customers who have bought the DC-3 running it from XP11 but also from XP10. They are your customers too and deserve therefore your attention not only regarding some fixes which do not take much time ("the small stuff") but also fixes who are essential for this product when LES brings it on the market. From the issues I have mentionned earlier I consider autopilot, fuel selectors and engine feather knobs as essential imperfections who ought to be fixed anyway. When Leading Edge Simulations will do that, they definitely show the appreciation of their DC-3/XP-10 users.
  4. Goran with all respect, I do not have (yet) the intention to change to XP11 especially because you cannot buy an update from XP10 to XP11 and I've bought XP10 not so long ago before XP11 was released. In my opinion there are a number of imperfections in the LES DC-3 who ought to be repaired apart from flying in XP10 or XP11. Also the high end price of the LES DC-3 justificies this point of view. These imperfections are inextricably linked to the ability of properly flying the LES DC-3 and are the issues I mentioned earlier in this thread onder “Some issues”. I have not bought the LES DC-3 to have to invest again in XP11 to be able to fly the LES DC3 properly. I hope you will understand this and hope that you will repair the mentioned “Some issues” in XP10.
  5. That's nice to have in XP11 but I fly with XP 10 (with lots of other people). So can you apply this feature in the LES DC-3 running with XP10?
  6. Goran, is it possible to put this item on the next update list?
  7. Otto, thank you for your sharing your experience.
  8. It would be nice if the Radio Magnetic Indicator of the DC-3 has a Heading Index on top of the edge of the scale, for example a little white triangle or marker, like most RMI's have. This facilitates reading your actual course.
  9. I have the same experience. No response of the engines until throttles half open; power goes to max 45 inches; RPM does not go further then 2300. Lowest RPM without activating throttles is 800; that should be 600-700 RPM.
  10. I've tried numerous wheel landings with the LES DC-3 but every time, I end with a nose over landing. I've studied wheel landings of tail draggers on the internet so in principle I know what to do but the result is every time the same. What I do is the following. On final: elevator trim set to zero, engines at 2000 RPM and 20 ich MP, props full forward, speed 80 - 85 , tailwheel locked. Reaching the runway I slowly descent until both landing wheels touch the ground gently (so no bouncing back), then throttle to idle, I let the airplane keep on running on the runway to let the speed comes down. I do not use the brakes (in which case the plane makes a nose over right away!) but what I do instead is applying back pressure on the yoke to keep the tail on the ground and to let the speed further comes down. At that moment something strange happens: when applying back pressure, the tail does not go downwards but instead goes upwards (!) so the nose of the plane comes to the ground, though the speed of the plane is in the meantime very low. Any advice of X-Aviation pilots who make a succesful wheellanding with the LES DC-3 is much appreciated.
  11. While practicing wheel landings, I'm flying on final (engines are running naturally ...) and I save this situation as a start for the next wheel landing excercise. When I load this situation, well the plane is on final, however the engines are off. So I first have to start the engines while in flight to proceed with the landing. I've tried this several times but every time the engines are off when loading the previous situation (in wich the engines are running). This is rather strange. Goran, can you take a look at this?
  12. Thank you for the quick reply. I await your answer (issue nr. 5 and nr. 7) and the coming updates regarding the other issues with great interest and if possible within a reasonable time. About the friction on the ground, I hope that the fix will also be of use for XP10 because I'm an XP10 user and have not the intentiom of buying XP11 already.
  13. I have bought the LES DC-3 (version 1.4) a month ago and have flown it so far almost on a daily basis - with much pleasure - to get familiar to the plane. I’ve experienced thereby some issues. I have read all the posts in the forum (Forums/Commercial Vendors/LES/Support/DC-3) and noticed that other users have (/had?) also the issues I have at this moment. These posts however date back to 2012-2014. Apparently these issues are still current of which I wonder if they could be solved. My issues relate to the following: 1) Difficult to see nav/com tuning knobs. 2) Guess work condition cowl flaps; have to confirm by using exterior view. 3) Autopilot. The manual says that the lower disc of the Heading Hold & Directional Gyro window is the adjustable heading (the heading you want to go). While the upper disc is the actual Directional Gyro that the lower disc will allign itself to.In my case the upper disc is adjustable, not the lower disc. Moreover, and that is the important thing, when I adjust the upper disc to another heading , the lower disc should take over this heading, but the lower disc does not react at all. 4) Fuel selectors: the mouse click tank selection does not drag you from 1 spot to the the next, but is rather uncontrollable moving the mouse. 5) The door to the passenger cabin is clickable but does not open. 6) Too much ground resistance while taxiing and taking off from dirt/grass runway (with engines full open, hardly any movement). 7) Engine feather: if left engine feather control is pressed, it cannot be undone,;the right engine feather works allright. Any help is much appreciated.
  14. Another request in relation to the darkness of the instruments: on the overhead radio panel the buttons to switch On/Off for the radio equipment, have a black notch/mark on the side of the buttons so that you can check if the button concerning is in the On or Off position. The problem is that that notch is hardly visible even if you enlarge the view on the overhead radio panel. Is it possible to give the notch/mark a white colour so that it is much easier to switch the buttons On of Off?
  15. Goran, take your time that is needed and available; thank's in advance.
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