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  1. Japo32

    CRJ-200 New Version 1.7 for XP 10 & 11

    The plane is fully stable and complete for xplane11. The final update is the 1.71. You will be able to download from xaviation as soon as they finish their jobs. Please be patience. Thanks.
  2. Japo32

    Change Autopilot mode while APP mode on

    Bit in The real plane is like that? It's strange it wouldn't let you change mode if you wish. It is more save to conserve altitude, just pressing alt hold function than deactivating autopilot...
  3. Hello, The other day I was going to make an ILS reverse ciclying.. so I put the APP mode and the plane started to catch the Glideslope correctly. BUT when I wanted to press the Altitude hold to maintain my minimums to start the manouver, then it didn't let me. Also didn't work the HDG mode.. so I deactivated autopilot and flought by hand. Trying to switch on autopilot again didn't fix it. Did I do something wrong? because it is strange I cannot change from APP to other autopilot mode.... Thanks.
  4. Ok.. I found the preference... and it was cero.. as well as after updating to 1.05 all the sounds were set to cero. Now it is 0.20% it is correct. Thanks!
  5. I don't have put XPUIPC for testing... and also deactivated the joystics, so no input at all that can deactivate the autopilot. Or I don't understand quite well what nils says. If I activate CWS the HDG work ok.. (but is not commanding the plane to fly the HDG. Don't understand quite well the CWS modes) But as said.. no plugins at all.. not joystick connected just do this with engines running: 1. f/d pilot on 2. f/d copilot on 3. autothrottle on 4. HDG mode press (the HDG mode apears in the screen 5. Press CMD A or B and it shows those rare things that deactivate hdg mode and start to appear alarms.
  6. Hello, The other day I updated to 1.04 and didn't make any testing until today. When I press the HDG mode even on ground it activates (after activating the Flight directors and autothrottle function) But once I just press the CMD A it deactivates the HDG mode and give strange aural and iluminated signals. That also happen when in flight. I have a video I made with the problem I updated to 1.05 today and same problem. Tested without plugins... nothing. Don't know what it can be..... because with this issue I cannot fly the plane. There are more functions that don't work as Alt, Vs, etc....
  7. Japo32

    You guys are absolutely the best!!!

    Yes.. I also have that white blurry bar. I have 3 screens maybe is that the reason.. don't know. It is not very noticeable but it is there.. specially using trackir.
  8. Japo32


    I must say, INCREDIBLE PLANE!!!! Just made a flight between Madrid a Barcelona visually and INCREDIBLE details!! congrats to devteam and all the xplane family because the new born.
  9. Japo32

    CRJ-200 Can't Release Brakes

    There is no brake programming, so it should not be affected. I guess is what Cessna729 says. I would suggest also if the problem continues that you download a demo version of the xplane and install the crj200 there. Usually it cannot be only because a key assignment, but also because a plugin (for example a pushback plugin or something like that). Loading in a only xplane demo, ensure that you don't load anything but the plane.
  10. Japo32

    Distorted instruments

    Yes... Maybe a reinstall and reactivation?
  11. I want to say my opinion about all of this. Sorry to be appart but this year is complicated... too many fronts open.... Ok.. I want to say that I understand Cameron and I understand Max. I understand that Cameron wants to protect his business because he is in USA, a country with a "culture" of "impose lawsuits" very easily (sorry my english and mistakes).. So he wants to be protected. And I understand Max because I hate also burocracy.. and protecttions, contracts... etc.. are slow. In my opinion, after suffering some burocracy attacks and nervous situations in past, I think all needed is to calm down so with the distance all is more clear, and we will able to find a solution to this little problem. I don't know if people knows this, but this is a user modification over my plane that involves a good number of files to be distrituted. As I didn't want to give those files for free in any forum because they could expose the plane to an easy mofication that would make it flyable (loosing functions but flying)... then I proposed Max (the creator of this modification) to include the files in a folder inside the plane as "user modification"... where in all moment would be clear to everyone that I WOULDN'T NEVER GIVE SUPPORT OR ACCEPT ANY RESPONSABILITY because any problem caused installed those files. Also I accepted his petition to not publish the modification in the news to let us make more money because of it. And he told me that the modification would be always donationware and would not ask any money to me because of it... and for me that was ok. Well as said.. I hope in future the x-aviation users would enjoy those modification files. I will try to find a solution on how make a distribution. I have some ideas.. BUT first I must solve my other open fronts. And that takes a loooot of time. Thanks!
  12. Japo32

    Heavy banking on autopilot

    There is no solution but rudder trim. As stated before, both engines in this plane goes same turning.. so too much torque produced.
  13. Hello! I am just using the Real Terra Haze script.. and I see something I don't like to join both together. When I set to see the shadows of the clouds they are far away.. and that is good! but they don't mix good with the blue of the haze far away specially in mountains. Maybe is an option in RTH to solve that.. but maybe is a good thing in SMP to introduce a shadow radius of clouds? So that way you can control where they are fade out so no clouds (that is better framerates I guess) and that issue with the haze would be over also. Also could be introduced inside the reflexion in water? of course if this is possible and easy to do (something very rare things are)
  14. Japo32

    extend the carpet

    about the idea of show more clouds far away from those 40nm. When I was making the textures of the clouds I had to make some textures for the far distance clouds.. Those ones where not texture but sprites so they are planes far away so in that situation I used real photos of clouds. I don't know if Skymaxx is using that far sprites clouds already.. but if not.. that could be a solution. For sure we do not need 3D clouds a certain distance from the plane.