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  1. Ok.. I will try! Hope that Hotstar, introduce new commands and dataref for more mapping in future! Thanks!
  2. ahh I see I have to see the buttons number and modify with mine. Ok. But How do I have the axis numbers. The buttons are with Lua.. but don't find axis ones. Thanks!
  3. Hello! How does this work? I have the warthog and I don't see any change when I put in the Flywithlua NG... Do I have to assign the controls?
  4. Japo32

    Show LOC1 and LOC2 at same time?

    AH.. so you can see the nav2 in the little overlay screen? Good to know!! Thanks I wish they implement the second display independent, but at least that is something to work with!
  5. Japo32

    Real manual of the plane?

    I missed that one.. also saw some youtube good examples of systems of the plane in it.
  6. Japo32

    No cold and dark option?

    +1 but for sure, love the persistence. Just that button to click when crashing xplane
  7. Japo32

    Show LOC1 and LOC2 at same time?

    Hello, the manual says that the right copilot G1000 is a copy of the pilot one due to restrictions in XPlane default G1000. Ok. But if I want to show LOC1 in pilot view and LOC2 in copilot one? If you want to use old IFR (that I love), sometimes you have to be controlling the 2 of the VOR instruments.. and with this setup, I cannot see it how. Is it possible? if not, there should be a way in future. There has to be a way to separate instruments in the copilot version... not only because of the VOR, but I can think about making a second altimeter setting, etc... Thanks!
  8. Japo32

    Map to Joystick the Range&Map paning control

    About the button to unlock the taxi range and reverser one.. is in the manual (sorry): sim/engines/thrust reverse toggle But now the throttle is all the time in the Reverse position and I cannot move it.... Edit: Ok.. it seems that putting the throttle into the reverse mode without engine running, breaks some parts of the engine. So I spent already the value of my house in it. Just in case anyone doesn't now it.. But I had to try to set up the throttle correctly. About the range button still didn't find anything. Would like to map into my vrsinsing panel... but I don't know if I will be able to.
  9. Japo32

    Map to Joystick the Range&Map paning control

    Also I would need the function to map the button to unlock the motion to the beta range in the throttle. I would like to use the red button on the Warthog for that. Don't find in the functions. Another thing... that is I think more a question of design than other thing. I HATE to press clicks in buttons to advance through functions. Why? because when you are flying the turbulences makes almost imposible to click the hidden manipulators. A solution are the 2D panels, that are included in this plane, but I hate 2D panels. So I always choose to put drag manipulators, because once you have pickup the knob or switch, they never "ungrab" it even the plane is moving as hell. I know this is too much work to do, but I would love to see a function in future update, where the user could choose between loading a Grab-manipulator option, and the option is right now. Wheel mouse manips, dont't work neigher when big turbulences. Thanks!
  10. Japo32

    Real manual of the plane?

    I found this one: http://www.tbm.aero/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/PIM__900_AN__E0R2.pdf don't know if there is another one interesting to have...
  11. I won't ask for a full manual of the plane, when the simulated version it seems to be so realistic (never was in a TBM 900 before).. So I would like to know if there is a real manual of the plane out there to be shared. Thanks!
  12. Hello! I must first say that it is a WOW plane!! Congratulations to Goran Specially as I know him (via internet), and the programmer, that still didn't speak to him, but for sure is a nice guy also as seen in the videos that in his channel Totoritko shares. I asked this question on live views when showing the new amaizing TBM and didn't have a reply, for sure because there were so many users talking. My question was, if I could map the functions of the plane into a joystick button, and the reply is YES! BUT, I didn't find the Range&map panning control knob in the functions to be mapped, and I would like to put in one of my 4 direction buttons of my joystick. Where is it? if exists... and if not, could you please add it into future update? I think that one is very used as the screens are not touchable ones (I think). Thanks! and congratulations again!
  13. Japo32

    CRJ-200 New Version 1.7 for XP 10 & 11

    The plane is fully stable and complete for xplane11. The final update is the 1.71. You will be able to download from xaviation as soon as they finish their jobs. Please be patience. Thanks.
  14. Japo32

    Change Autopilot mode while APP mode on

    Bit in The real plane is like that? It's strange it wouldn't let you change mode if you wish. It is more save to conserve altitude, just pressing alt hold function than deactivating autopilot...