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    Throttle Click Spot Issue

    There are 2 different scenarios. Normal engine start and abnormal engine start (where you get the warnings) In a normal start up, you should never trip the abort switch. If you want to stop the engine in a normal engine start, let the engine start, and then to stop the engine, pull the Power Lever back to fuel cut off. The engine start abort switch is only used for emergency/abnormal situations during engine start. Example, when the covers and prop ties are accidentally left on the props.
  2. Goran_M


    The backtrace leads to something in X-Plane crashing that might be triggered by something in the TBM (hence the TBM entries). If you look at the end of the log, there are several X-Plane entries, and prior to those, it looks like something in the nvidia drivers is triggering it. We're working with Laminar to try to pinpoint what is going on, and hopefully a fix will be in the next update.
  3. Goran_M

    Throttle Click Spot Issue

    Your question was not simple. You said the instructions were for the XP10 version of the TBM. We never made it for XP10.
  4. Goran_M

    Synthetic Vision Not Working, Sometimes

    Yeah, something to do with how the synthetic vision reads terrain. It can only read default scenery. I'll link this to @skiselkov and see if he has anything to say about implementing it...if it's even possible to do so.
  5. Goran_M

    I had charts and now they are gone...

    After speaking with toto about this, he found it was a bug in his code. A fix will be in the coming update.
  6. Goran_M

    Throttle Click Spot Issue

    I think you're confusing our TBM 900 with the Carenado TBM 850. The TBM 900 was only made for X-Plane 11
  7. Goran_M

    Please let us get rid of the pilot?

    I've changed the pilot so he also disappears when the door is open.
  8. Goran_M

    o-oh... CTD

    Disabling plugins still loads the plug ins. The only thing I can suggest is to completely remove all plug ins, except Gizmo, run a test, then replace plug ins, one at a time, until the crash happens. It's tedious, but it will determine what is causing the crash, and it will help toto to further diagnose the problem.
  9. Goran_M

    I had charts and now they are gone...

    Yeah, ya bunch of spoilt flight simmers.
  10. Goran_M

    I had charts and now they are gone...

    I haven't tried it yet, but it certainly seems as though the FAA have either changed the link or something is wrong with their server. If anyone has an aerorouters account, can you try pulling charts from Europe and see if the same thing is happening.
  11. Goran_M


    Assign a key or button to thrust reverse. This will bring you into beta mode.
  12. Goran_M

    Whats the final word on FPS for a good system?

    Your system is better than mine and I get a constant average of 30-40 fps. Out of the city, I get 50's. My specs i7 6700K 980ti 32GB RAM 4K Monitor
  13. Goran_M

    I had charts and now they are gone...

    Are you flying outside the US?
  14. Goran_M

    Synthetic Vision Not Working, Sometimes

    Do you have custom scenery for Bankstown?
  15. 14kt headwind is possibly enough to be able to do it to a TBM.
  16. Goran_M

    o-oh... CTD

    There's a lot of stuff going on in there, but I can't see anything associated with the TBM causing the crash. If you take a look at the log, the crash happened when your ATC software was going through some checks.
  17. Goran_M

    I had charts and now they are gone...

    The charts are pulled directly from the FAA and autorouter websites. Flying outside of these will not give you any charts, and autorouter requires you to sign in. If charts from the US or autorouter are not showing up, then it's almost definitely something on their end. There's a chance the link the TBM is using has changed, in which case, it'll be looked into. Try again on your next flight and report back.
  18. Goran_M

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    It's extremely unlikely that Laminar are going to change what they've done. Toto will make changes in the TBM, but not until 11.3 is out of beta.
  19. Goran_M

    Ipad on wheel colum not displaying

    Click the STRATUS USB port when the yoke is visible.
  20. Goran_M


    Jump in the discord and mention it to toto. https://discord.gg/k5A78z
  21. Goran_M

    Unable to select nearest VOR/NDB

    Thanks for letting us know.
  22. Goran_M


    I'm sure you read the top post, Gav. Sometimes, when the criticisms go too far, into the "ridiculous" category, it turns into trolling. We can take criticisms, but not when they're lines of crap.
  23. Goran_M

    Nosewheel Steering?

    Someone said they had to re-calibrate their hardware each time the TBM was loaded. This is definitely not common, and I'm guessing it has to do with the individuals set up. But try that as well as controller sensitivity.
  24. Goran_M

    Error in loading still?

    Whenever there is a backtrace like this one, it's something within the sim itself causing the crash with the TBM loaded. One of these is associated with the latest X-Plane navdata, as posted by another TBM user. When he removed the navdata, the TBM loaded without issue. Another crash is associate with X-Planes AI, so you could try disabling all AI and see what happens. As you can see in the log excerpt, there are multiple X-Plane references that lead up to the crash. I've spoken to someone at Laminar about this and he's looking into it. We're hoping the next update (X-Plane or the TBM) will get rid of this crash. It doesn't happen to everyone and sometimes it happens at certain airports. Shouldn't be too long.
  25. Goran_M

    TBM 900 v1.1.1 Update Released!

    I see this is your first post, so this is for future reference. If there is ever a problem, the 1 golden rule is to please post your log.txt file found in the root x-plane folder. That will give us a good head start into what is causing a crash. Before you do this, can you remove all plugins out of the resources/plugins folder (do not remove gizmo) and place them somewhere else. Preferably on your desktop. Restart the sim and see if you get a crash. Many times, a crash can be caused by another plugin conflicting with an aircraft add on.