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  1. Yes, that's what I meant. If you look into the lua-file, there is a line commented out, that starts with "do_every_draw". Remove the "--" from the beginning of that line, so that you get some info on the lower right. Check the axis value and adjust these lines accordingly: function getvalue () if mixture_axis > 0.55 then SetTo = 0 end if mixture_axis < 0.55 then SetTo = 1 end if mixture_axis < 0.45 then SetTo = 2 end if mixture_axis < 0.09 then SetTo = 3 end To explain: "SetTo = 0" sets to cut off, 1 to low idle, 2 high idle, 3 flight idle. Put your axis in the highest position you still want to be "cut off", and replace both instances of 0.55 with it. Find the highest position for low idle, replace 0.45 with it, same for high idle and 0.09. Obviously, the axis should read 1 at cut off, 0 at the flight idle position. If it's the opposite, just reverse the polarity (j/k, reverse the axis ). Don't hesitate to ask if you have any furter questions or need other functionality, I'll try my best. Just one warning: Due to the implementation. Right now, you can not move to high idle (actually the complete right side) if you are in the taxi/reverse range. I don't really need that functionality. If you do need it, I can try to make it possible.
  2. No problem, glad it works You can adjust the settings in the lua-file, at which axis position you want to have which setting, by the way.
  3. Ok, I'll try to help. In the lua-file there is a disabled line "do_every_draw". Remove the -- from the beginning of the line. If you reload the lua scripts "reload all lua scripts" via the FlyWithLua-menu, you should get some values in the lower left screen area. Can you check if the axis value changes? Have you set one axis as "mixture 1"?
  4. Do you know how to use FlyWithLua? It's quite easy to install. I'll attach my script, just put it in the FlyWithLua\scripts folder and assign an axis to "Mixture 1", it should work then. If you need help, just write. Mixture.lua
  5. Ch.Cole

    Misc TBM questions

    To point 1: As it only sets the FD, you can hit TOGA whenever you want. But you should do so before starting your takeoff-run. Approach 85kts is correct, according to the POH, and you Idle before touch down.
  6. Ch.Cole

    Speeds in G1000?

    Yes, me too!
  7. Hi, do you still need a way to use an axis? I can give you my FlyWithLua script, which allows me to use an axis for c/o - low idle - high idle - flight idle. If you need it, I can also give you my script for the flap settings, so you can use a button for each position and nou just up/down a notch.