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  1. Hoekstes

    CTD on VATSim

    Thank you Goran for getting back to me so quickly. I'll update my drivers and report back. Edit: Updated drivers and was able to complete 2hr flight from FBMN to FAKN on VATSim: https://vatstats.net/flights/15766226 Thanks!
  2. Hoekstes

    CTD on VATSim

    I am getting so many CTD's and the frustration is killing me. I have done all the normal. Uninstall all plugins, update Nvidia drivers for 1070, reinstall everything. I need at least the following plugins to fly on VATSim in VR (I don't think it is unreasonable): XSquawkbox, FlyWithLua XSB in VR, AviTab, NoaWeather. The TBM is the only plane that crashes my sim. Log file attached. Log.txt
  3. Hoekstes


    So, not the plugins?
  4. I had this same problem and realised I was trimmed almost completely nose down before engaging the autopilot. Looking at your screen, you're trimmed almost completely nose down as well. Centre your yoke pitch and trim the plane before engaging autopilot.
  5. Hoekstes

    TBM 1.1.6 causing x-plane to crash.

    Got a CTD 10 miles after takeoff on Vatsim when I tried opening the checklist on the MFD.
  6. Hoekstes

    v1.1.6 PFD MFD Corrupt

    My PFD and MFD looked like this after updating to 1.1.6. I also get a XPDR FAIL message. See picture. Log.txt
  7. Hoekstes

    Change time from LCL to UTC

    Is there any way to change the time format from LCL to UTC on the G1000?
  8. Hoekstes

    CTD while in cruise

    CTD during take off from FAOR for FALE on VATSim Log.txt
  9. Hoekstes

    VR scroll wheel problem

    Thanks JLG!
  10. Hoekstes

    VR scroll wheel problem

    I am having trouble adjusting vertical speed on the NOSE UP/DN Wheel on the AFCS in VR. The trim wheel works fine in VR. This makes it very difficult to manage the autopilot in VR. I am using Oculus Rift with Touch controllers.
  11. I am very sorry to hear about your bad experience. A friend of mine had a similar issue and has still not been able to resolve it. The licencing system has major issues.
  12. Hoekstes

    CTD with X-Plane 11.31rc1 and TBM 1.1.4b

    Jis Andries, Remember its a living plane, so make sure you shut it down properly, because the battery will drain otherwise. I'm not an expert as I only purchased the plane on Monday and a little frustrated that my new investment doesn't fly as it should. Groete uit Namibië.
  13. Hoekstes

    [SOLVED] MFD showing no map

    I have this same problem. Do I need to delete my entire Output folder?! EDIT: I did delete the entire contents of by Output folder and restarted X-Plane. This did in fact solve my problem.
  14. Hoekstes

    PFD-MFD Map Corruption

    Exact same problem for me as well
  15. Hoekstes

    Navigraph charts in the G1000? (Dec 2018)

    Also waiting for this...