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    Engine failure after V1

    Hi Jan, I've been doing a few more V1 cuts and engine failures just above V2. I noticed that I do not have enough rudder authority to keep the ball centered and to keep the heading straight. Looks like I am always in a slight skid into the failed engine. I know in the Boeing's, your not supposed to keep the ball centered, but rather have it slightly out with the control wheel centered for zero drag. That said, I still think there is some issue with rudder authority. I have all the stability augmentation settings back at zero. In the response curves, I am using "Linear" response. However, I noticed that will full right rudder I cannot get the response all the way to 1.0 (far right on the response line) See screen shot. Could this be the cause of some of my problems? Any suggestions on how to fix? I've already recalibrated my rudders in X-Plane. The left rudder goes out to about 0.93, but the right one only goes out to 0.8. Thanks for your help! Rich Boll
  2. Any chance in a later revision we can get "Parking Brake" added to this list? Thanks! Rich Boll
  3. richjb

    Engine failure after V1

    Hello Jan, I retested with the stability augmentation settings back at zero. There was still a very pronounced yaw, but not unrealistic for a sudden engine cut. A rollback may not have been as pronounced, but very good for V1 cut training. After the initial yaw and full rudder application, the aircraft's yaw corrected back to parallel the centerline with a little left over to bring it back to centerline. Again, what I would consider highly realistic for a sudden engine cut. I would like to try it on a high, high, and heavy day to see if the yaw is less pronounced. When time permits, I guess :-). Thanks for the hint on the response curves. I dropped the roll and pitch upper and far right level to 80% and then made it linear from the bottom left. That seemed to address the control response issue. The B737 doesn't feel like a Pitts....or my DA2000. I didn't know that existed. Thanks! Thanks again for your help! I'm starting to enjoy X-Plane! Rich Boll Wichita KS
  4. richjb

    Engine failure after V1

    Thanks Jan, I appreciate the guidance on setting the joystick. I'm still new to X-Plane, so don't quite know how to tweak it. I'll put the stability settings back to zero and test again. Thanks! Rich
  5. richjb

    Engine failure after V1

    Hello Jan, Please don't get me wrong. I think the physics of a V1 cut in the IXEG and in X-Plane are spot on! In fact, I practice my V1 cuts in X-Plane rather than P3D or FSX because they are so much better. Level D 767 in FSX was the only addon that even got close to being realistic. My issue is not having enough rudder authority to stop the yaw and bring the aircraft back to parallel the centerline, which is the only certification requirement when V1 is equal to V1vmcg, and then only after a centerline deviation of no more than 30 feet. I wonder if some of the causes could be the result of the joystick settings. I have the elevator (pitch) and aileron (roll) stability augmentation set rather high at 75%. Otherwise, it's too roll and pitch sensitive for me (have a PFC column yoke). I have the rudder set at 75% but that might be too high? Love the IXEG B737 addon! Rich Boll
  6. richjb

    Engine failure after V1

    I have to agree with TEBAN, the rudder authority is not sufficient at scheduled V1 speed (scheduled through the FMC). If the engine fails at V1, the pilot should be able to maintain directional control deviating no more than 30 feet from the runway centerline - that's a part 25 certification requirement. De-rates lower VMCG and V1 speed, but the same requirement must be met at all de-rates. I don't seem to have a similar problem with the other X-Plane B737s, namely the stock/ZIBO 737-800 or the FlyJSim 737-200. Granted, they are different, but I don't Laminar is necessarily the problem. I have a set of FlightLink metal/gas cylinder rudder pedals. I can put a pretty fast hard push when the engine quits. I can't keep it straight. I see the same thing Teban is seeing. Could the rudder authority be too low for the airspeed near V1 speeds? Is the Vspeed schedule correct? X-Plane is pretty accurate with the V1 cuts. While I have not done them in a B737, I have done and taught them in Lear 45, Lear 35, CL300, and DA2000 simulators. Even at the lowest authorized V1 speed, you can always parallel the centerline. Most cases, you can keep it. Thanks, Rich Boll Wichita KS