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  1. Shinjo

    Oil change...

    Jump into the HotStart Discord. He's super active there.
  2. Shinjo

    Airac Cycle Update

  3. Shinjo

    Steering the Plane after landing

    Can you post a screenshot of what your curves look like at this point?
  4. The good news is that now you know how to light your plane on fire on-demand.
  5. Shinjo

    Red Crosses pfd and g1000 display

    Check out this thread and see if this is the same issue. If so it's because something is incorrectly setting the avionics dataref to 0. In my case it was my Saitek panel.
  6. Shinjo

    Mouse zooming when scrolling over Dials

    @MrScott ... it's a little hard to conceptualize until you simply setup the buttons and the throttle axis and then start using it. Once you use it you'll say "well, shit, that is easy".
  7. Shinjo

    Mouse zooming when scrolling over Dials

    You don't map individual idle settings to keys, you map up/down movements to keys/buttons. "sim/engines/mixture_up" takes you up from cutoff > low idle > high idle > flight idle, sim/engines/mixture_down takes you back down. Once you're in flight idle your physical throttle takes over and you use an axis to traverse the left side, though you also need to map a button to "sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle" in order to drop from flight idle down into taxi/reverse range. While it sounds confusing, if you just follow these instructions it will make more sense.
  8. Shinjo

    what is ground speed on a carrier?

    There are carriers in X-Plane?
  9. Shinjo


    Yeah, you'd need some way to determine if you were coming up or coming down with the axis and then build a condition based off that. I just checked Spad and that doesn't appear possible.
  10. Shinjo


    @RdtcmttsaNot sure how you would use an axis for these since sim/engines/mixture_down(up) and sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle are commands not datarefs. An axis sets values as it moves (e.g., 0 to 128), it doesn't send commands typically. You might be able to use something like Spad.Next to set conditions on the axis (i.e., to send commands as the axis crosses a certain value), but seems more trouble than its worth. Unfortunately the TBM 900 has a unique throttle mechanism that doesn't really match up 1:1 with what we have in the sim world. Flipping switches to set idle statuses may be immersion breaking but I don't know of a way around it unless you 3D print a custom throttle quadrant. Hmmm ....
  11. Shinjo


    Bind either a toggle switch, two buttons or two keys to "mixture up" and "mixture down" to move between flight idle -> high idle -> low idle -> cutoff. This takes you up and down the right side and from left to right. Once the stick is over on the left your throttle axis of whatever controller you have controls the stick movement up and down the left side. Also on the left side, you need another key/button to drop the throttle into taxi range .. in there real plane there's a physical stop that you have to move before lowering into taxi range. I don't remember what that command you bind to this button is but it's in the manual. If your throttle controller has a detent in it then that can be your flight idle spot. If not (mine doesn't), it's a little weird, but they've done a good job of giving you a visual reference as to where the virtual throttle stick is relative to your physical control.
  12. Shinjo

    PFD-MFD Map Corruption

    Ok ... I think I've gotten to the bottom of it, at least in my case. My Saitek switch panel, which I partially use for lights only was setup with the default Spad profile, which includes Avionics On/Off commands for the Av Master switch. I didn't actually verify this by watching the datarefs and events, but I think when I flick the the strobe light on for the very first time Spad tries to sends some commands for all the switches to sync their state ... and since the Av Master switch is physically in the OFF state it must be sending an Avionics Off event. So, basically flipping the Av Master switch on my panel flips between the low power state and normal state. Working as intended lol >.> So for me the answer is to simply unbind the Av Master switch. I can't speak to @HamSammich since he/she says they're not running panels. It may be something Toto/Goran want to fix under the covers, but that's obviously up to them. Thanks for the help with this guys.
  13. Shinjo

    PFD-MFD Map Corruption

    Thanks @skiselkov, how do you manually change datarefs?
  14. Shinjo

    PFD-MFD Map Corruption

    The point of highlighting the similar behavior in the Cessna was that it appears to be a normal reaction to flipping the avionics switch on and off? But the TBM has no avionics switch. So if you sit in the C172 G1000 with the master battery on but the avionics off you don't see what the OP's screenshots show (blank MFD, Xs on the PFD)?
  15. Shinjo

    PFD-MFD Map Corruption

    Bumping this back to the top. Still an issue.