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  1. Shinjo

    Excellent video on TMB900 icing

    Damn, the real thing is even more gorgeous than the sim plane.
  2. Shinjo

    TBM oriented VA

    I'm interested but can barely fly the plane yet ... I generally fly around SoCal so I can use PE so this sounds great once I get a bit more experience with the TBM.
  3. Shinjo

    Little preview

    Commented on your Reddit thread already, but this is really cool. Look forward to you publishing your plugin.
  4. Shinjo

    PFD-MFD Map Corruption

    This exact thing happens in the C172 when you have the battery on but not the avionics master. Is there some under-the-hood equivalent to this in the TBM?
  5. Shinjo

    CTD on X-Plane 11.30r3

    Yeah ... your logs don't have the assertion "ref != -1" failed:  Error that the other CTDs apparently have.
  6. Shinjo

    DataRef request

    @awbneck, if you happen to use SPAD.next you can set local vars in that program.
  7. Shinjo

    PFD-MFD Map Corruption

    +1 to this. Happened to me last night, I think it was when I switched on the strobe lights, but it's happened other times as well. Wasn't sure if it was part of the 11.31 bug or not.