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  1. Tony123

    Exciting take off runs...

    Hello, This has always been an issue for me also, I am not a pilot in RL so I really don’t have anything to compare it to but with that said…. Hearing everyone complain about it does give it some merit if only a little as some of these are real pilots. I do find it hard to believe that everything I have read over the last year and 1/2, forums, magazines, youtube about real life pilots and students, I never hear them complain about keeping the plane on center for takeoffs or landings. I never see them struggle like they do on x plane I never really hear anyone in real life talk about it. If I didn’t know better coming away from x plane I would guess that staying on center line for takeoffs and landings is the single hardest thing to do when becoming a pilot, Not sure. it might be, I just never read, heard or seen videos of it. I have learned a lot in the last year ½, and it doesn’t matter which plane in x plane I use I still struggle with this today. Lastly I will say that this, I have used a joystick, Logitech rudder pedals and red bird pedals which I use now so this is across multiple pieces of hardware. In the end I’m not sure if it’s me or x plane but I am not buying that this is something that I can’t do. Nothing I can do about it so I just deal with it. quick edit, I am not blaming the TBM I experience this with all the planes with xwind landings and takeoffs. Just my2c.
  2. Tony123

    Multimonitor setup error

    When I first installed the .1.1.1 and went back to two monitors, one being windows desktop. I did not get the sidebar. I was using a custom resolution 3840x2159 instead of the default 3840x2160 to fix an issue with right mouse click to look around it was a work around that worked. I set it back to "default monitor settings" and the sidebar showed up.
  3. Tony123

    Mouse scroll wheel

    Hello, it seems I have lost the scroll wheel ability on the AP unit and the PFD when popped out to a window. Thank you.
  4. Tony123

    Side bar is back but.

    Thank you sir.
  5. Tony123

    Side bar is back but.

    Hello, Just downloaded and installed 1.1.1 and the side bar is back now with second monitor but now I have two smaller bars showing or the same bar showing twice. Once on upper center and then upper right. They go away unless you mouse over the area. I am really glad to have the side bar back though thank you.
  6. Tony123

    CTD Longer flights

    Thanks Goran, It looks like as long as I keep the flight to somewhere under 200nm I am fine.
  7. Tony123

    CTD Longer flights

    Another one KSTL>MEM
  8. Tony123

    CTD Longer flights

    Well KSTL-KORD ended with a CTD as I reached FL250 Log.txt
  9. Tony123

    CTD Longer flights

    I 'm not. I just did several small flights, KSTL-KSPI about 70nm, KSPI-KSTL 70nm, KSTL-KSPI 70nm, KSPI-KORD 150nm no problems, 360nm. I am now going to try KSTL-KORD which is where it has been CTD. I will restart X Plane first.
  10. Tony123

    CTD Longer flights

    Hello, I seem to have a pattern and so far any flight longer then about an hour gives me CTD. Log.txt
  11. Tony123


    What about this? Very annoying to have to exit out of x plane to turn off one of the monitors.
  12. Tony123

    login to forums

    any status on this?
  13. Tony123

    Password always wrong..

    Yep #meto
  14. Tony123

    login to forums

    Hello, I am having an issue with password for this site. I have to do a reset every time, I use the same password as I do for other things and I reset it to the same thing. Once I logout I will have to reset it.
  15. Tony123


    I see now that this post is in the wrong spot, sorry about that. Tony