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  1. awebneck

    Little preview

    @vehum Oh man, that looks fantastic! What materials and fab method are you using? I've never done any CNC work before (I'm a software engineer - the creation of physical things are heretofore foreign to me) so when I designed my GMC 710 I may have been a hair ambitious, as was made clear when I went looking for prototyping quotes. I *do* happily have the PCB for it designed, constructed, and working, but the enclosure / knobs (I know I could use any knobs, but I really want those distinctively-shaped garmin dudes) pose a, erm, budgetary problem. Turns out it's kind of expensive to 3-axis CNC mill single-run stuff, but I've been burned using additive methods before and don't want to pay for 3d-printing only to be disappointed again. Anywho, you can see the mechanical design here, and I'm happy to share the EAGLE file for the PCB as well if you'd like.
  2. awebneck

    Update on the update

    @Goran_M I started to type "You are the wind beneath my wings", my usual go-to expression of deep gratitude, but stopped myself figuring that was maybe a bit too on-the-nose. So please accept a hearty "Thank you" instead!
  3. awebneck

    Assign Buttons

    Yup! There're very, very few controls in the airplane (if anything) for which there aren't commands ready to be assigned, and the AP is fully covered. With one of the more recent updates they added even more direct setting commands - you should be set for pretty much anything you want to do.
  4. awebneck

    Little preview

    Hey everyone, I'm working on a hardware home cockpit, but as I iterate on the design and fabrication cycles there, I wanted to show off what I've got going in software so far. I'm actually kind of surprised that this is working as well as it does, and to that end I hope to release it (as freeware) once I've got it to a state of my liking. So, anyway, do enjoy this little preview of my iPad TBM-900 control panel, using TouchOSC and a small self-authored plugin to handle communication. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0K210z3RS0
  5. awebneck

    DataRef request

    @Goran_M Nah, I've got the command working just fine; but I'd like a (potentially readonly) dataref to represent the state of the barometer so I can use it to represent that state on a display I'm building (i.e. "STD mode" vs "manually set"), especially given that the custom-implemented STD mode doesn't just force the barometer to 29.92"Hg, but rather saves the current setting so that in can be restored upon a second press of the BARO knob. so basically, just a boolean, readonly dataref that says "BARO is locked to STD" or "BARO is set as dialed"; pretty much like the BARO field on the PFD when you press the button - note that that field says "STD" when the button is pressed, but says the actual numerical value if you manually dial it to 29.92. Thanks!
  6. awebneck

    DataRef request

    Hi Goran & Company - love the plane, thank you so much! In fact, I'm working on some cockpit building stuff targeting this fantastic airplane, and I noticed that y'all have added a custom command to toggle the barometer between standard and dialed-in values. Hooking that up to a control has been perfect, but I wasn't able to find a dataref reflecting the current state thereof - would it be possible to add such in a future update? Thanks again!
  7. awebneck

    [SOLVED] Crash bar always up when starting new flight

    @skiselkov @Cameron Ignore me, I'm an idiot. Had one too many beers the other day and mapped a switch to the crash bar then flat-out forgot about it, and it's been up the whole time. Feel free to lock and close this topic, and sorry if I led you on a wild goose chase.
  8. awebneck

    [SOLVED] Crash bar always up when starting new flight

    @skiselkov Here you go. The first log is from a short circuit flight from startup to shutdown, after which I promise every thing was shut off including the crashbar. The second log is the log after I quit X-Plane and clicked "Resume Current Flight" (though the same thing happens were I to click "New Flight"). As soon as I was seated in the aircraft, on came the standby instruments, and I looked up and the crash bar was once more up. Log - Flight to Shutdown.txt Log - Next Startup.txt
  9. awebneck

    [SOLVED] Crash bar always up when starting new flight

    @Cameron I have now repeatedly left it down and locked - no power to the aircraft, even the standby instruments manually powered down. Quit X-Plane, Start new flight in same location, and boom: crash bar starts as up and the aircraft essentials start booting without me doing anything.
  10. No matter just how cold & dark the aircraft is when I quit X-Plane, every time I start a new flight the crash bar is already up - is this by design?
  11. awebneck

    TBM900 MFD Problem

    @Dark Angel yeah, I tried the "left as primary" thing as well with the same results as you. FWIW, that yellow tone that seems to get applied to the screens looks a lot like the neutral yellow tone of a flat normal map - wonder if something weird is happening there. Also, for troubleshooting purposes, I'm on a single Nvidia GTX 980 Ti.
  12. awebneck

    TBM900 MFD Problem

    @Cameron thanks for the update. I figured y'all had bigger fish to fry so no worries. I appreciate you letting us know you're aware of it.
  13. awebneck

    TBM900 MFD Problem

    yeah, I had the same problem. I posted about it in the support forum but received no response.
  14. @Japo32 yeah, finding the axis numbers is a little hairier - I had to assign the axis I wanted to nothing, open the "<Xplane dir>/Output/preferences/control profiles/<your profile> - Joysticks.prf" file, then assign the axis to something random, and reopen that same file in a different window and compare the two to see which line changed from "_joy_AXIS_use<axisnumber> 0" to "_joy_AXIS_use<axisnumber> <commandnumber>". Once I found the line, the number I noted as "axisnumber" is the one you want to use. Hope this helps!
  15. awebneck

    TBM 900 v1.0.2 Update Released!

    I just updated - and verified I *did* install version 1.0.2, but after starting up X-plane in the aircraft I'm still getting the "There is a TBM update available" message every time.