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  1. I have also removed all of my plugins but still the same problem persists. Please see attached X-Plane log. Log.txt
  2. Here is a copy of my x-plane log text. Hope this helps solve the issue. Log.txt
  3. I am having the very same problem with the TBM900, but my problem stays the same even after a restart aircraft, through the developers menu. Log.txt
  4. Apart from not being able to access the navigation map or any other window on the MFD. (other than the checklist page). I decided to take a short flight and fly it manually. I entered a short flight plan into the aircraft via PFD1 and when airborne I tried to turn on the autopilot but I could not get it to engage. apart from that theTBM900 was a pleasure to fly. Hope this further information helps with finding an answer to my problem. once again thanks in advance. Strumpy.
  5. I don't have a Saitek switch panel either, so I will wait patiently for a bug fix.
  6. Thanks for that Cameron, as long as its on your radar, I can wait a while.
  7. Just tried reverting to one monitor but still having same problems with MFD. Strumpy
  8. yes i too have tried reloading the aircraft in the sim but that doesn't work for me either. i don't run a three monitor set up but i do run a two monitor set up, will check it out when back at my computer. Thanks
  9. Hi I have just installed the TBM900 and upon power up & start the MFD is opening with the checklist page and I cant seem to get into any other page, including the map page. Even holding down the CLR key doesn't default to the map page. I'm probably overlooking something and any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Strumpy
  10. Hi Just bought the TBM900 and after startup the MFD is opening in the checklist window and I cant get into the map window or any other window. I have tried holding down the clear key to default to the map view but that doesn't seem to work either. any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Strumpy
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