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  1. sho69607

    Sound issues on 1.1.6

    Same here. I did get better FPS by removing plugins and scenery, however the audio issue is still there. It seems like an audio balance issue with the wind noise. If environmental noise is turned way down or off, the issue is less noticeable.
  2. sho69607


    Sure. Which settings affect memory the most? I only have 8GB and have been at 80-90 percent capacity. This is with chrome, projectfly, and XP running.
  3. sho69607


    Okay I actually posted both files on the sound issues thread.
  4. sho69607


    Okay you need the actual xplane log file?
  5. sho69607


    Runtime Error and Log attached. Plane has been working fine up until today. Tried lowering and adjusting setting to no avail. Thanks for helping. TBM900_Log.txt
  6. sho69607

    Sound issues on 1.1.6

    same here the wind sound keeps cutting in and out. If you wear the headset in the sim, the sound issue is muffled slightly. TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  7. sho69607

    What happened to the charts?

    is this something I can fix by editing the xml file or do I need to wait for a hotfix from the developer?
  8. sho69607

    Mouse zooming when scrolling over Dials

    Same here the charts have disappeared.
  9. sho69607

    What happened to the charts?

    Did something change where we can no longer access US/Navigraph charts? The only option is autorouter which does not provided charts for the US.
  10. Okay thanks for explaining this
  11. I appreciate the responses but I was also referring to the equipment suffix that the FAA uses for flightplans here in the US as well. For example: B738/L or B753/Z. I'm assuming that filing /L means you have GNSS, and filing /Z is for planes like the Boeing 757 that have older FMC's with limited RNAV capability? On the overhead I see the IRS receivers but not the GPS L, R receivers which are visible on the 737NG.
  12. I'm confused as to what the correct equipment suffix I should file for the 737-300. To my knowledge the FMC that comes with this plane is the original and therefore does not have GNSS/GPS capabilities, so that would be B733/Z correct? I've seen pictures of 737-300 cockpits with one old (green font) and also a newer fms like the NG (white font). Does that give the aircraft satellite capabilities making the aircraft more compliant with newer standards?
  13. sho69607

    Livery List & Requests

    Requesting N788LS. Thank you
  14. sho69607

    Dimmer Switch

    How do I use the dimmer switch to dim the displays? I tried clicking on Menu but the option is not there.
  15. sho69607

    Nexrad radar not showing precipitation

    I also have active sky xp. The weather is loaded in the sim but not displaying on the map for some reason. Do you need to have the weather radar turned on for the nexrad data to display or is that a separate source?