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  1. I noticed that rain only displays if I leave Skymaxx pro on default for this setting. Any suggestions as to what might be the problem?
  2. Not sure what is going on here but I keep getting XP crashes when I load up the IXEG 733. It happens at random times, but usually a few minutes after I start the sim. Seems like it may be tied to the FMC but it isn't a Gizmo crash from what I can tell. Log.txt
  3. sho69607

    White out conditions/cloud layer issue at night

    This is running 4.8.2. Interestingly enough, if I disable SMP, the issue remains. So this may be an x-plane problem itself but I am not sure. No ground fog, cloud textures are the same ones that ship with the addon. I attached my most recent log file if that is any help. Log.txt
  4. Not sure if this is an SMP issue or a X-plane issue, but at night the sky becomes extremely bright and appears to be stuck between cloud layers. See the attached screenshot(s).
  5. sho69607

    No rain in thunderstorms with Active sky XP

    ok thanks that fixed the problem!
  6. I am currently sitting in thunderstorms but the rain is not visible like it should be. Are my settings correct? This is coming off of a fresh reinstall.
  7. 330kts is what I am looking for, but I have yet to hit that speed unless I am in a strong tailwind.
  8. Maybe I am used to flying jets where you have lots of thrust available to fight headwinds (fuel permitting), but it seems it is rather difficult to come close to the top cruising speed at FL300 unless you are sitting in a strong tailwind in the TBM. Is this normal for this type of aircraft to not be able to reach max cruising speed in a headwind?
  9. sho69607

    TBM 900 v1.1.9 Update Released!

    Thanks for fixing the reshade bug!
  10. sho69607

    X-plane hang at flight recovery screen

    Thank you. This wouldn't be the first time Reshade has caused issues with the sim.
  11. sho69607

    X-plane hang at flight recovery screen

    Same here I did remove all the plugins except gizmo and the problem remains.
  12. I am still having issues with the sim freezing at the flight recovery screen when loading the TBM. As soon as I click "no" to restore the flight, the sim freezes up. My video card drivers are current if that is related somehow. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  13. I have seen some videos on youtube of the TBM9 and some of them have the newer looking Garmin G3000. Is this avionics package exclusive to the TBM930? I was just wondering why the version in the sim looks a little different.
  14. sho69607

    Flight recovery issue

  15. sho69607

    Flight recovery issue

    When I load the sim and click "no" to restore my position, the sim freezes and wont load past the dialog box. The only way around this is to delete the data from the output folder and reset the plane.