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  1. Hello, Today I did a first night flight. 2 things I have noticed : 1) Callsign N900AZ seems to be illuminated with all systems off. 2) When I turn on the acces lights and the small light above the pilot's head, it seems that the nose wheel well is slightly illuminated. Also when looking at the doors, the light seems to shine through (look at the door contour)
  2. Fabbi

    Truly stunning..

    Yes she is
  3. Fabbi

    Log Book?

    Hi, You have the default X-Plane logbook...
  4. Fabbi

    Please let us get rid of the pilot?

    The pilot must stay ! But an option to add or remove the pilot would be nice. (like the co-pilot) A little bit nicer looking pilot would be great
  5. Fabbi

    TBM 900 sunvisors

    Thanks Goran.
  6. Fabbi

    TBM 900 sunvisors

    Hello, when setting the sunvisors they are visible when the door is open, but when I close the door they are not visible anymore through the window. Also not visible on the main windshield. Not a real issue but maybe it is fixable...maybe not possible because of the nice glass rendering. version 1.1
  7. Fabbi

    Activation Key Required

    Hello, well the TBM activation is the same like your account on X-Aviation. When you install the plane into X-Plane it will ask for your email and password, then the installation continues. Once installed, it will ask again to put in your e-mail and password. The server will check it and the registration should be done then. (Check with your mouse, go to the right edge on your screen) click the yellow key icon and verify the activation. If nothing seems to work, I suggest do an uninstall and re-install of the TBM. Keep in mind, X-Aviation does a check up on activation every 15 days, I set it to auto-update when login to X-Plane. I hope it works out for you.
  8. Fabbi

    What's next after the TBM 900?

    Well, I would love a Citation with the same in depth simulation like the TBM, [emoji16] Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
  9. Fabbi

    Start with engines running...

    Hi, why would you like that option ? Problems to start your engine yourself?
  10. Fabbi

    Brakes not working

    hello, It's a known problem for now, have it also, will be fixed.
  11. Hello, They are looking into it, it doesn't happen always, I also have this problem. They will fix it.
  12. Fabbi

    [SOLVED] Had something weird today...

    7 min after take off, engine failure due to license not activated, no time for a engine restart, forced landing at departure airport. A second flight to EGJJ was without any problems.
  13. Fabbi

    Synthetic Vision + Brakes

    Hello, the same here, parking brakes regular doesn't seem to work anymore. It was working in 1.05
  14. Fabbi

    [SOLVED] Had something weird today...

    Hi, well my parking brake doesn't seem to work anymore (other people have it also) and when the aircraft was loaded the engine temps went up to about 290° and there was 3-4 hours between last flight.
  15. Fabbi

    [SOLVED] Had something weird today...

    Hello, Thank you for the reply, will update to 1.06