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  1. EDWK01

    A few issues with the islander

    Hi I can also confirm that. The lights are hardly visible during the day. Greetings
  2. EDWK01

    Cold & Dark

    Hi @Coop , Hello @Ubbi OK. That makes sense. I thought it was a mistake. Many Thanks for the clarification. Bye Bye
  3. EDWK01

    Cold & Dark

    Hi and good day to all. Thank you for the great plane. When i start the plane in "Cold & Dark", a lot of switches are already "ON". Please note that the next update will be to ensure that all switches are set to "OFF". Thank you and greetings from Germany - Ernst.
  4. EDWK01

    Announcing the BN-2 Islander

    Hi, I was looking for this type of aircraft for the XPlane11 yesterday and today I hear that it is coming soon. I am very pleased. Thank you very much.