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  1. Chase911

    seatbelt and landing lights

    Hello. I had inquired in another post about how to find the proper CoG and was told to get the "igodispatch" App & plugin. A wonderful app i might add. The Dev and i did some testing and it turns out there may be some weird stuff going on with the lights. The app monitors the plane's activities and whether or not lighting is propetly on for take offs and landings. Tests determined the app is running ok but the lights are not. Ie seatbelt lights are on at take off but shows they are off. So this is what the dev said Dave . According to the Log.txt file, your dataref "LES/saab/seat_belt_toggle_pos" was 0, which corresponds to the seatbelt position being OFF. Check this line in the Log.txt: "iGoConnect: Seatbelt status at landing: 0" You may try to see it for yourself if you install a plugin called DataRefTool_2018_06_06. Google for it and install it. Then, when you land check its value. It should be 0 for OFF and 1 for ON. Why this is happening, I do not know. But this is definitely not an error on the part of iGoDispatch. Perhaps, it is worth investigating further with the plane developers." I did not investigste any further because when i turn on the seat belt sign it is illuminated in the CABIN . So that's all i care about. But this does mess up the igodispatch performance report. So for what it's worth if any Dev wants to investigate for the next update here are the log files we used. This plane is awesome by the way. Very fun. Dave XP_LOG_files.zip
  2. Chase911

    iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    Yes . That was just me not knowing how to properly enter in the info. once you type in the ICAO you have to tap the little blue circle to the right of the ICAO box. So simple of a mistake. But i do use your app alot and found i think an issue with the performance report. It says my entire flight is with flaps over speed. I never use my flaps until landing. 2nd. ( Maybe I should cycle flaps at the beginning... ) it states the Runway lights are not ON upon taking off and landing. They are. and the seat belt sign off at landing. That isn't right. So i think those switches might be backwards. xp doing updates can mess up plugins. I wasn't going to say anything because i don't really mind that it's messed up. I mainly wanted it for the loading. Which works flawlessly. My landings are so much better now that it's balanced. and i like staying connected to keep the CoG right as i burn fuel. If there is a log somewhere you need to check the lights and seat belt signs let me know. Thanks. Dave.
  3. Chase911

    iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    I seen on earlier posts where you don't mind taking suggestions to make the app even better. How about the ability to import flight plans into the App from an output .FMS file. Like maybe add a folder within the plugin to house various full route flight plans. Then you could gerenate a FP through Simbrief and export the fms file right into your plugin. Then within the App you'd have several FP's in which to choose from. Then it would auto populate the Airports, waypoints and airways. Then the only thing you may have to do by hand would be add the runways your going to use. Last question on which page do you download the winds? Thanks, Dave
  4. Chase911

    iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    I tried another flight with your recommendations. Seams to be working now. Pilot error. Although. I still don't think the App will find Lake Tahoe. ( KTVL ). Everything else seams to be working as advertised. Thanks. Dave.
  5. Chase911

    iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    Ah ok. I'll give that a shot. Thanks. I try other airports to see if that clears it up. Talk to you more next week then. Dave
  6. Chase911

    iGoDispatch for Saab-340A

    Hello. Cool App. Nice work. Worth the few bucks just for the loading aspects of the CoG. I had no problem connecting to the SIm to load the AC. I first loaded XP with the plane loaded on the ramp. I then opened the app and loaded the PAX and fuel. Then I clicked on "Load to X-Plane". Then confirmed the AC was now correct with the value's within your App. Everything matched, the weight, fuel and CoG. I updated the NAV data ( Navigraph GNS430 ) to the latest navdata. And set the IP under the settings section of the app. So I had problems with the APP following the flight. I selected the the slider on the ACARS section to "ON" But when I was inputting the flight plan the APP did nor recognize the Airport I was currently at. IE. Lake Tahoe. ( KTVL ) I wanted to fly from KTVL to KSMF. Sacramento.. Flight plan: Richy6 SWR SLMMR SLMMR3. Since it did not fine the airport I next tried KRNO. RENO. The app did not recognize that airport either. SO I just entered in other airports.... KSFO and KSMF. It found SFO. Which is a major airport... San Francisco. So I conducted the flight with no updates. I guess this was due to an improper starting location. So it did not match my actual location on Xplane, ie KTVL. So my questions are. * why does the app not recognize all airports which are in the system. IE. KTVL and KRNO * How can I reset the flight plan back to blank..To start over. Right now, it shows the last flight plan which I can't get rid off. No delete button or anything. Thanks. Dave.
  7. Chase911

    Weight & Balance - CoG Saab 340

    That is a neat app for sure...I guess I'll be borrowing my wife's IPAD.. lol.
  8. Chase911

    Weight & Balance - CoG Saab 340

    Is there a quick way to figure out what the CG should be for the Saab? I don't believe the CG slider moves on it's own. So I'm just looking for an easy way to get close to what the CG should be for a fliggt. The AC handles fine without touching it no matter what load i put in. But i don't think this is very realistic. I ask because i stumbled across a manual for the XP default King Air C90 and how to deturmin its CG. That talks about a weight comparison determining on where the load is on the AC. The reference they use is a payload moment table. So 100 lbs for the crew would be 12,800. But 100 lbs in the rear cargo hold would be 27,500. So yeah big difference. So you add up all the moment weight and devide by the actual weight. The base cg for the King Air is 138. So after you do the math the difference is what you add to the base which would move the cg back. Figuring this out with only a few pax is not a problem. But with the saab and upwards of 37 pax and Luggage would be a lot of math lol. Anyone have a short cut? Plus the "moment" weights i have for the King Air would not be the same for the Saab. Around pg 50 you will see what I'm talking about. http://www.google.com/url?q=http://x-plane.com/manuals/C90B_Pilot_Operating_Manual.pdf&sa=U&ved=2ahUKEwjI-de615TcAhVmhuAKHZF6DkAQFjAAegQIARAC&usg=AOvVaw3OJfbJmbjWI351rLAiQ_0f Thanks Dave.
  9. Chase911

    Engines Die question

    @Cameron Thanks. I found the thread. I'm glad I was not the only one. ha ha. Just have to pause for a sec at idle before continuing into reverse. performing a fluid movement from 63% throttle to full reverse is the culprit. Here is the relevant link in case others stumble across my question first.
  10. Chase911

    Engines Die question

    This is Pilot error I'm sure. Sometimes after landing, the engines just quit and all avionics turn off. Ie. Final approach Props full power, full flaps, roughly 63% on throttle... However, I think i was moving the throttle back and forth a little to maintain speed. After landing I place the throttle in max reverse. I then moved the throttle forward to idle, which resulted with the engines dying. I'm thinking I may of possibly moved them from reverse back to idle to quickly??? Idk. I'm sure both times the engines have quit was after a full reverse first. I also checked fuel, So that was not the problem. Anyway, I'm really enjoying all the hard work you guys have put into this Model. I fly this plane almost every other day. Thanks, Dave.
  11. Chase911

    Cannot taxi - nosewheel steering inoperative

    Thanks so much. That should do it. I've tried the nws toggle before with no luck. For some reason that doesn't work with this plane. But the LES /CMD/Gear: toggle for "tiller_hyd_on_off." Should work i would think. Thanks for the illustrations I'll take a look today. And i'l let you know if that worked. Edit: The search for tiller_hyd worked like a charm. Thanks Dave.
  12. Chase911

    Cannot taxi - nosewheel steering inoperative

    Thanks. So I've found the "LES/CMD" area in settings. But none of the choices has either NWS or Steer or the like. When you get a moment can you ascertain the exact path for this command. Will be of much help. Thanks. Dave
  13. Chase911

    Cannot taxi - nosewheel steering inoperative

    Thanks. How do I find that? In settings I searched the words Les, Saab and Steer with no results that fit this.
  14. Chase911

    Cannot taxi - nosewheel steering inoperative

    Hopefully we will be able to bind a button on our hardware to activate the NWS. Right now, upon landing I have to take my eyes off of the runway and look for the NWS. The trick is to grab it and drag the mouse down to activate it. But this really takes your attention away from the runway. And after landing in a crosswind it would make things so much easier to just push a button on my controllers to allow my attention to remain on what's going on outside the window and not inside the cockpit at 100 knots lol.
  15. First off let me say that i fly a lot of various models in XP. And i have to admit that this airplane is the most fun airplane for me. The sounds and attention to detail is just wonderful. Ok my question is more of a procedural question. Is there really a point in resetting the bleeds and turning on both recirculating fans to supply air conditioning to the passenger compartment prior to engine start? Sure you can certainly get some air moving around but the air won't actually cool until after engine start right? I see in several YouTube videos people turn on those fans befor start then again after start they reset the bleeds. I don't see the reasoning behind this, unless it has something to do with the actual starting of the engines. I've been just waiting until after start to turn on the fans and bleeds seams to start ok without them on. For realism I'd like to know how it's done in real world settings. 2nd question: I've searched the forums without locating an answer... Is there a way to bind the flaps to an axis control? Right now I'm having to use the 3d handle in the cockpit. No biggy if it can't be done. Thanks, Dave