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  1. Chase911

    low terrain warnings

    It turns out the reason was 4B. But i was unable to turn off warning alarms once started even after clicking on the TAWS flap switch to OVRD. This should of worked even if flaps were not all the way down the way i understand it. ( or maybe needs to be done prior to getting to low...) But i did think the flaps were all the way down because the axis lever i was using was in the full down position. looking at ACARS after the flight i noticed the flaps almost never go into the full down position with the lever. Position 8 on my ACARS is all the way down, i showed a 6 or 7. So that's why the alarm. So i again changed the flaps to a hat and used hat up and down to cycle the positions. 4 clicks down will now put them in position 8 everytime So now no more alarms. I only write this, so if anyone else using an axis control finds this problem, now you will know why. Dave
  2. Chase911

    1.5.1 Windshield reflections

    Is there a way in settings to turn off the winshield reflections? Dave.
  3. Chase911

    VR capabilities of Saab

    Well i went ahead and folded. You twisted my arm lol. I'm happy i did. Your right. It is really cool in a VR setting . And this is without any input from LES. I can only imagine what it will look like after they have done their magic to it. As for the pop out for engine management i just take the headset off to make sure everything is where i want it to be, then put it back on. Not as frustrating as i thought it would be. And your also correct in the fact you don't need to download the mod. The VR mouse works just fine. Other than the curser disappears when your over some of the dials. But it still works. So I'm on the bandwagon and i hope others give it a try too. To include the Dev's, if they haven't looked yet. Thanks Bud for the push. Well worth it. Dave
  4. Chase911

    VR capabilities of Saab

    Honestly. I haven't even tried. The more i thought about it the less appealing it became. Main reasons are due to engine management. I rely heavily on the trq pop out window which shows my prop RPM and throttle settings. I look at that window constantly. even upon landing i look at it for reducing power to idle then reverse. So i think I'd be frustrated. I think if LES somehow can add these pop outs while in VR for their 2.0 release then i would be more inclined to try it. Thanks for the info though. Obviously let me know if you are able to view that pop out. But with other models i can't. Dave
  5. Chase911

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    Thank you for such a quick responce . I hope you can find a fix. Would be a nice addition to VR flying. Have a nice weekend Dave
  6. Chase911

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.6 Has Been Released

    @sundog Hi Sundog. So i just recieved a new video card. Gtx1080. prior to this card i used a second copy of xplane for VR flying. mainly because it's easier on frames. So with a stronger card i decided to have a go at it on my main XP copy which has Skymax Pro. I can handle the video now, but for some reason SMP is not compatible with VR. You may already be aware of this. Everything has a mirror effect. It's like seeing double. Or how things look when your drunk lol. It's really not a big deal cause your program works flawlessly outside of VR which is what i do 90% of the time. Figured I'd say something if you were already working on a patch for something. Dave.
  7. Chase911

    low terrain warnings

    Ah cool thanks! This will come in handy not only when advised to maintain a fast speed by ATC but also when it's required to maintain a faster speed on approach due to wind shear. Also thank you for taking your time to find this information for me / others who may find this helpful. Very kind. Dave. By the way. Great art work on your TBM project!
  8. Chase911

    VR capabilities of Saab

    So the stock files work with the 3D mouse. Ie you can manipulate all above panel switches and dials with the mouse? I am going to give this a try today.
  9. Chase911

    low terrain warnings

    To the best of my Recollection Mode 4B would of been the reason. Gear down with flaps not all the extended due to an atc instruction of maintain 170 kts. I see there is a way to stop the alarm by either fully extending the flaps or pressing the TAWS flap switch to OVRD. Where is this OVRD Switch? And thank you for this info. There are a lot of conditions there.
  10. Chase911

    low terrain warnings

    Flaps may not of been all the way down. I was advised to maintain 170 knots till 8 mile final. By then i started adding flaps as i slowed. But i think even after i added full flaps the warning continued till i touched down. But that does make sence to get the alarm if flaps not extended. But annoying when we can't stop it. Maybe if we add 1 notch of flaps the warning should stop?. It's like once it starts there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Plus i think it's kind of hilly terrain on the final at Portland.
  11. Chase911

    low terrain warnings

    Is anyone else getting the audible warning of " To Low, pull up, I'm getting the terrain warning while on the glide slope of ILS 28R at KPDX. Starting around 1000 feet agl i get the warnings. The warnings continue until i land. it's happened at other airports too. But i can't recall which one. I am unable to stop the sounds. Even pressings the button doesn't stop the audible alarm. Dave
  12. Chase911

    install Saab 340 on two copies of X-Plane

    Ah ha. That's great!. Thanks. i'll give it a try. Dave.
  13. Is it possible to install a second copy of the Saab on another copy of XP? I have a 2nd copy of XP for trouble shooting when necessary. The 2nd copy is bare bones. Which has no weather program or plugins. i use this copy to fly VR in the default C172 due to the high frames i get. So i would like to try flying the Saab in VR on this copy as well. Would i have to activate the plane everytime i swap which copy i fly it on? I know i ran into that with another plane i use. Thanks. Dave.
  14. Chase911

    VR capabilities of Saab

    That's great! And i understand this is not a supported option at this point. In the installation instructions it says to revert back to the original _Cockpit_obj. When flying outside of VR because the new file breaks mouse wheel zoom. That's easy enough. Looks like only two files I'll need to back up for swapping in and out for when I'd want to fly in VR. Looks to be pretty easy. I guess i still would need the _vrconfig.txt file even though i do not have touch controllers... or do you think i could get away with only using the new _cockpit.obj file? Anyway. great find. Thanks. I'll give it a shot. Dave.
  15. Chase911

    VR capabilities of Saab

    So i ordered a new Video card. GTX 1080. I'm looking forward to better frames. I don't mean that with this plane. I'm talking about heavy scenery packages. But anyway. I'm curious if anyone has been able to use the Saab within VR? I have the Oculus rift but i do not have the touch controllers. So i would be dependent on the 3D VR mouse support to manipulate the controls. i currently only use VR with the LR 172. Thanks. Dave.