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  1. I have just purchased the TBM900 and have started it for the first time. Upon following the first tutorial, when I am supposed to introduce fuel (move out of cutoff), I get the text error pop up saying 'Caution, the engine has accumulated fuel residue'. I have had this twice now, the first engine start led to a fire, the second worked after manually moving the throttle into cutoff (by default it wasn't in cutoff). What am I doing wrong? I do have the FlyAgi tweak plugin installed, as well as X-Camera and X_ATC chatter. Are there any known conflicts with plug-ins or am I doing something wrong? I noticed that the tutorial doesn't mention setting 'ignition' to ON but the engines won't start without it. Thanks for any tips and help, Toby
  2. toby23

    The engine has accumulated fuel residue

    Thanks for the advice. Will test next week when I have some more time in the sim.
  3. Can Failures be turned off?
  4. toby23

    Can Failures be turned off?

    Thank you - that's great to know that it was PE and not the aircraft.
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    Need help to update the PFPX TBM 850

    Creating PFPX aircraft profiles is not easy, if you want it to be accurate, but some people do enjoy it. Until then, there are several apps available iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/tbm-proflite/id625461905?l=en&mt=8 iOS - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tbm-performance/id641403446?mt=8 Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pohperformance.TBM&hl=en
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    Control menu on the left...

    +1 for hidden rollover like on Aerobask aircraft.
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    Questions before purchase

    @Schorle I would be interested to hear if the two updates have helped you with performance? Do you own the Saab 340a by any chance and by way of comparison?
  8. toby23

    Can Failures be turned off?

    Do we all start with a factory fresh aircraft that we can service before and after each flight? I really am looking forward to a detailed review by Q8 or similar of this aircraft before I decide to dedicate the time required to learning to fly it correctly. Thank you Cameron.
  9. toby23

    Can Failures be turned off?

    One of the reasons that ask is that when I watched Catstrator streaming, his landing gear failed on the first flight, which seems unlikely if we are all starting with a well serviced and new aircraft. Q. What % chance is there that something will go wrong? Not everybody has unlimited time to set up a flight and then restart every time something goes wrong that they are not trained to deal with. Add something like Pilot Edge into the mix and my hands are full with navigation and communication and I do not relish the added stress of a random failure every flight that I haven't been trained for. I respect your decision and would love to learn how to fly this work of art but with limited time to fly, I would also appreciate the option to turn failures off. I strongly feel that that should be an option for those of us with limited time to fly, otherwise what should be a pleasure will quickly turn into a chore and will not be used as much as other payware that are more stress free after a hard day at work and then an evening with the family.. Thank you, Toby
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    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.5.1 Update Released!

    Another option would be just to make the hundreds and thousands numbers clickable. One left click to increase by 1000ft, one right click to decrease etc. Thanks to all for this patch, very excited to learn this aircraft. One of the very best small turboprops that I have had the pleasure to own. I think the only thing that I miss is a clicky noise when touching the flap lever. I have that assigned to my throttle but it's impossible to know, without looking, if it has been set correctly during busy phases of flight such as climb out and approach.
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    Saab 340 v2

    Thank you. I bought the aircraft and spent a couple of hours last night on the tarmac getting acquainted. You deserve all the kudos, this product is very well made and I only hope that I will be able to assign both props to a single axis in V2, solely for ease of use. I also think that I might have finally found a replacement for the Majestic Q400, which was one of my all-time favourite pieces of payware.
  12. Assigning 'prop' to an axis does not work for me on a brand new installation of the Saab. I cannot move the condition levers at all unless I assign my axis to 'Prop 1' or 'Prop 2'. As there is no Saab axis menu in 1.5 (star icon), I cannot use xjoymap as I don't know the axis id. I sure would like to be able to assign both lever to one axis.
  13. toby23

    Saab 340 v2

    If I buy the Saab today will I be eligible for a free upgrade to V2 or are we so far away from V2 launching that it would be a paid upgrade? Thanks.
  14. I saw the screenshot with an airport in winter, it would be great to see some more single shots on approach to an airport in every season. I know I'm being fussy but managing a sim installation is so much work and costs so much time that I would like to be 100% sure before comitting (again). Are all the screenshots in the first post with default X-Plane scenery and only Sky Maxx Pro active? Screenshot number 8 looks fantastic.
  15. This looks absolutely fantastic and almost enough to make me reinstall X-Plane! Could you post some screenshots with default scenery around airports, maybe one shot in the UK, one in California, one in Australia, just to see the difference? If I reinstall X-Plane, it will be on a default scenery basis, so it would be great to see how this addon improves on that.
  16. toby23

    How to temporarily switch SMP off?

    Thanks, all good tips and works great, nice and easy. I wanted to test the other weather apps but none are as good as SMP, so I'll stick with that!
  17. I have been having serious stutter pauses recently during flights in the UK and need to rule SMP out. Admittedly the weather hasn't been great here recently. My HDD is defragmented correctly and Ortho tile load is always minimal, around 12 tiles per flight max. How can I switch SMP off without uninstalling it? If possible, I would like to avoid possible authorization issues with uninstalling/reinstalling several times. Thanks, Toby
  18. I posted this on the .org and then thought it would be good to share here too. Here's something I worked out using Sky Maxx Pro. I might be wrong but if visibility is 30 miles from your centre point, you need to render at least 60 miles around you in Sky Maxx Pro. 60 miles is about 96km. 96km x 96km = 9216 km2 So that's the lowest 'cloud area covered' setting to use in SMP if you want a realistic 30 mile visibility and it is a shame that in certain kinds of bad weather, that setting hits performance so much (10fps) and I have a relatively high end PC. It doesn't always hit so hard but some kinds of bad weather hit worse than others.. SMP does not touch the 'haze' value, which is influenced, I think, by the METAR, but also affected by the sim/private/controls/fog/fog_be_gone dataref. I am not sure but if SMP could use the METAR visibility values to force the haze value to simulate accurate view distances and then limit its cloud rendering to that area, maybe that would improve performance in bad weather and low visibility?
  19. toby23

    Ground fog when there's no fog

    Thanks for your help Frank. It was a combination of the ground shadows interacting with the haze layer. I have now found the new art control, below, to restrict ground haze and it's all good again. Beautiful skies thanks to SMP. set("sim/private/controls/fog/fog_be_gone", 0.25)
  20. Every flight has been a real pleasure since purchasing SMP. My only gripe is that it appears to be adding ground fog when there shouldn't be any.. I fly mainly in the UK with real weather from FSGRW and SMP always shows these 'fog' layers, why? One other question, ground haze appears to be exaggerated using SMP, it almost looks like how the default engine portrays haze. I don't see this when I use FSGRW with the default engine, so why is the haze being added so thickly when I use SMP with FSGRW?
  21. toby23

    Ground fog when there's no fog

    This might sound crazy but if I disable RWC, while using real weather METAR data, the clouds appear at the correct height and there is minimal ground haze... I just checked this and, using RWC, with or without FSGRW, cloud bases were 800-1000ft higher than reported in the METAR.
  22. toby23

    Ground fog when there's no fog

    I think it looks like ground fog but it's actually the cloud shadows on top of the haze... Do you know if I can force haze back to 10km using a lua dataref command?
  23. toby23

    Ground fog when there's no fog

    Yes, I use RWC and it is set to Automatic. Page 3 of the manual says to use Automatic with FSGRW but then lower down (under Never:RWC is disabled), it says 'If your add-on disables X-Plane’s real world weather system (most do), then RWC’s “Automatic” setting will automatically disable RWC while your add-on is active anyhow'. Which option should I choose to use RWC AND access the METAR data from FSGRW correctly? 1. Automatic, 2. Always or 3. Never? Should I use FSGRW at all or should I choose X-Plane default real weather download and set RWC to Automatic?
  24. Upon launching X-Plane, I was notified of an update to X-Plane. While processing the update, X-Plane noticed that SMP had replaced the sky textures. What is the best way to replace the default textures and then update or replace the SMP textures after patching X-Plane? Thanks, Toby File: F:\X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/skycolors/sky_colors_clean.png File: F:\X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/skycolors/sky_colors_foggy.png File: F:\X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/skycolors/sky_colors_hazy.png File: F:\X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/skycolors/sky_colors_hialt.png File: F:\X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/skycolors/sky_colors_mount.png File: F:\X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/skycolors/sky_colors_ocast.png File: F:\X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/skycolors/sky_colors_snowy.png File: F:\X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/skycolors/sky_colors_socked.png File: F:\X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/skycolors/sky_colors_stratus.png