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  1. haskell99

    Limited bank angle

    Well, I've seen what happens to people who argue with you so I'll just shut up I'll be waiting patiently to fly the much superior LES Saab when it is updated. Have a great night. Peace. Eddie
  2. haskell99

    Limited bank angle

    Please don't take my defense of Carenado's updating as a criticism of LES. I was merely pointing out that he was incorrect. They DO update frequently. I am certain training departments aren't using the same version we are... that only banks 12 degrees on autopilot. Or are they? Isn't a 12 degree bank angle a "lack of realism in systems simulation?" If I "fell into that camp" I wouldn't keep checking this forum for the past 3 months to see if the bug has been fixed. I paid you full price for your software and I find your "enjoy Carenado" comment condescending. I support your work. Please don't reward that support by insulting me.
  3. haskell99

    Limited bank angle

    I bought the Carenado Saab because I was tired of waiting to fly this one. It is MUCH more than eye candy and, having flown both, find it lacking nothing in comparison. And, for the record, it has been updated THREE times since I've been waiting for this one to be updated. So Carenado is FAR from"waaaaaaaay worse." They are waaaaaaaay better as far as bug fixes.
  4. haskell99

    Bank Angle Saab 340

    But MAY... I'm dying to pull her out of the hangar!
  5. haskell99

    A few questions regarding the Saab 340A...

    I highly recommend the iGoApp for this plane! Sadly it is hangared at the moment waiting for a fix for the autopilot bank bug.
  6. haskell99

    Bank Angle Saab 340

    I wasn't gonna ask!! LOL Thank you sir. Great job on this plane.!
  7. haskell99

    Bank Angle Saab 340

    Is there any fix for the bank angle issue? It's really hard to fly properly on AP when the plane only banks 12-15 degrees. Flying through all my vectors. Otherwise, love this plane. Once I stop overcorrecting it on approach! Eddie
  8. haskell99

    TOC, TOD & BOD in the map

    The TBM is using the default X-Plane G1000. So if it doesn’t do it, this one doesn’t. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. haskell99

    Engine heatblur in 11.30

    Agreed. Blurs the whole side of the plane.
  10. haskell99

    IPad App

    This is GOLD! Thank you!! Eddie