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  1. Hi again, Do you think the bugfix will be relased in 2020? Or should we be prepared to wait until 2021? /Peter
  2. Nice work Tim! Is the livery available for download?
  3. I keep my fingers crossed! I flew this plane yesterday for the fist time in many months, and it really is nice and very fun to fly this bird (I only do VOR-navigation, no GPS). If we only could fix this annoying bug it would be perfect! /Peter
  4. Any news on the bugfix for the half bank, now half a year later? Any closer to a release of the update? Do you think it's going to be available 2019? /Peter
  5. Thanks!! Really great videos! ☺
  6. Wow! This thread escalated in a way I couldn't imagine! I'm glad the plane is not abandoned! I just have one wish, and that is the bank angle bug to be fixed, then I'm 100% satisfied with the plane. And I'm sorry if I did upset someone with my question, that was not my intention at all. The only reason I did continue to post in this thread was because I realized the current version was released in August (about nine months ago), and I thought that a small fix for this serious bug should've been made available in a couple of months after the release at maximum. I can just compare with
  7. When was this buggy version released (the current one), does someone know? Was it in August? That's nine months ago! I bought it in February, and I'm really frustrated that the developers keep saying the bank angle is fixed, but not yet released. When I look at this forum's pinned threads, all of them seems to be very old. I have to ask, is this plane abandoned by the developers? When someone asks me about my thoughts about the Saab, I have to be honest with them. Maybe I should tell them to buy the Carenado Saab instead, as this version seems to be buggy and no bugfixes are availabl
  8. Thanks for the tutorial! Really great!!
  9. Thanks N1K! So I should use the pushback provided with X-plane? Is it not possible to reverse with the engines? Thanks! /Peter
  10. Hello pilots! I haven't made a flight online on Vatsim with the Saab 340 yet, mostly due to the bug with the banking. But I cannot wait any longer now, so I'm going online anyway. But what should I use for equipment code for the Saab 340? Without using the GPS, which is how I fly most of the time, with VOR to VOR navigation - should the equipment code be /A? And when using the GPS, should I file equipment code /G? Thanks for any help with this, so the controllers know what to expect from me! And just one other thing, what is the correct procedure to reverse back
  11. Hi! Is the bug fix released? Or do we know something when it will be? /Peter
  12. Thanks for the quick answer! And sorry for not searching first, I seriously thought I did something wrong (as I bought this plane just two weeks ago). I really didn't thought of the possibility of a bug in this relatively old airplane. Do we know when the fix will be available (as you mention it's already fixed)? /Peter
  13. Hello pilots! When I fly online and ATC gives me a heading the plane turns very slowly - as if the bank angle is limited to something like 10 or 15 degrees. I cannot find where to set the max bank angle, where do I set this? Like on the Zibo 738 you do this above the heading knob. /Peter
  14. Okay, thanks Michael! I'll have to have a bit more patience then, and simply wait until the localizer are well within reach (which I thought it was when the distance showed up). I'll have to test this out even more, to get comfortable with both navigating and landing. /Peter
  15. Yes exactly, as LNAV. I didn't use the Garmin at all during theese flights. I want to navigate towards the localizer with NAV-mode (either the ILS-localizer or the airport localizer), and then later on press APPR when the G/S is captured.
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