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  1. fehrster

    Strange behaviour since X-Plane 11.32R2

    No problems as well on my rig with x-plane 11.32rc2 greetz!
  2. fehrster

    [SOLVED] Frame Rates / Objects size

    Saso....you´re awesome! Now i have smooth (around) 30fps on my "low end" system. (i53550 @ 3,5GHz, 1060GTX 6GB, 8 GB Ram) I just did a short test and i don´t know how rain & icing will effect the frames. But it´s a completely "new" experience! I wanna thank you and you´re team for working so hard to get your customers satisfied. You are setting high standards now with quality of the airplane, quality of support and help!! The TBM is far the best spent money in flightsimulation!!!
  3. fehrster

    [SOLVED] Frame Rates / Objects size

    It is a 6gb 1060, textures setting is medium. it makes no difference if high or medium. The graphics card always snoozles at 30%. CPU between 60- 80%. The CPU time is 0.0450 on average and the gpu time on 0.0412. On other planes i have that, when the gpu is running at 100%. I know, that the cpu is the bottleneck of my PC, but such a big difference to other planes, especially when syntetic vision is on?
  4. fehrster

    [SOLVED] Frame Rates / Objects size

    My specs: I5-3550 @3,5GHz, 8GB Ram and GTX1060 IXEG: 35 FPS FF A320: 28 FPS FlyJSim 732: 30 FPS TBM 900: 20 FPS TBM 900 without any addons or scripts or weather: 25 FPS TBM 900 without any addons or scripts or weather BUT Synt Terr: 16 FPS
  5. fehrster

    Topcat profile

    Not true...the guy called mokny made one for the FFA320....so there could be a small chance
  6. fehrster

    NO N1/ N2 LED before 15:00

    many thanks!
  7. fehrster

    NO N1/ N2 LED before 15:00

    Hi there, i don´t know if this is only on my machine, but i don´t have LED´s on the gauges before 15:00 o´clock on my flights today. i think it depends on the light, not the time, but in my case it was 15:00 In the video i accelerate the time forward and backwards to show you what i mean.
  8. fehrster

    Cockpit all lit up at night

    i have this "failure" when i´am using a fly with lua script like better_night_lights. When not using the script, all works fine.
  9. fehrster

    Why the 2D Slides instead of 3D clouds?

    thx for your answer. i´ve done a lot of testing and was wondering, why my cloud representation was so unreal. there weren´t enough cloud-parts. just one picture. no volume. now i found out, that the testing of the "Rendering Options" from the .org forum messed up my rendering settings, even though i had unistalled it and re-downloaded xplane 11. After a clean Installation it all works fine, and i´m happy with your standard configuration (i also like the other settings). Although some clouds are turning. But now i have much more parts in one cloud- so the effect is not so strong. as always: the user is the main problem thx for your help
  10. fehrster

    IXEG PFPX and Topcat

    You can make/download flightplans and coroutes with/from simbrief.com. They are supporting the ixeg file format- works perfektly fine!
  11. Back at version 3.2 we could enjoy real volumetric clouds. e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqQQrHQlI-c (e.g. from Minute 27:00 - this looks absolutley stunning) now with the latest version 4.6 e.g. (from min. 6:38) we have 2D Slides everywhere. Especially with wide panels it´s far away from version 3.2. Is this all about performance? When panning around the view at an field of view of 115°; the 2D Slides are getting crazy and are turning in all directions. In my opinion this is 2 steps backwards but only one forward. there have been many other improvements, but i really don´t like to fly through 2D images.
  12. A nice game or an accurate simulation....that´s the question
  13. Please take this with a smile: Have you ever thought of hiring Zibo for programming the fmc? He would have some fresh code By the way: The IXEG is my favorite aircraft- you´ve done a really great job!