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    Topcat profile

    Not true...the guy called mokny made one for the FFA320....so there could be a small chance
  2. fehrster

    NO N1/ N2 LED before 15:00

    many thanks!
  3. fehrster

    NO N1/ N2 LED before 15:00

    Hi there, i don´t know if this is only on my machine, but i don´t have LED´s on the gauges before 15:00 o´clock on my flights today. i think it depends on the light, not the time, but in my case it was 15:00 In the video i accelerate the time forward and backwards to show you what i mean.
  4. fehrster

    Cockpit all lit up at night

    i have this "failure" when i´am using a fly with lua script like better_night_lights. When not using the script, all works fine.
  5. fehrster

    Why the 2D Slides instead of 3D clouds?

    thx for your answer. i´ve done a lot of testing and was wondering, why my cloud representation was so unreal. there weren´t enough cloud-parts. just one picture. no volume. now i found out, that the testing of the "Rendering Options" from the .org forum messed up my rendering settings, even though i had unistalled it and re-downloaded xplane 11. After a clean Installation it all works fine, and i´m happy with your standard configuration (i also like the other settings). Although some clouds are turning. But now i have much more parts in one cloud- so the effect is not so strong. as always: the user is the main problem thx for your help
  6. fehrster

    IXEG PFPX and Topcat

    You can make/download flightplans and coroutes with/from simbrief.com. They are supporting the ixeg file format- works perfektly fine!
  7. Back at version 3.2 we could enjoy real volumetric clouds. e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqQQrHQlI-c (e.g. from Minute 27:00 - this looks absolutley stunning) now with the latest version 4.6 e.g. (from min. 6:38) we have 2D Slides everywhere. Especially with wide panels it´s far away from version 3.2. Is this all about performance? When panning around the view at an field of view of 115°; the 2D Slides are getting crazy and are turning in all directions. In my opinion this is 2 steps backwards but only one forward. there have been many other improvements, but i really don´t like to fly through 2D images.
  8. A nice game or an accurate simulation....that´s the question
  9. Please take this with a smile: Have you ever thought of hiring Zibo for programming the fmc? He would have some fresh code By the way: The IXEG is my favorite aircraft- you´ve done a really great job!
  10. The fingerprints/reflections are as shown in the preview. You just need the right light condition and angel of incidence, as in reality.