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  1. Reflection displays

    Dear Gonvise: Maybe it is time for you to shut your computer down, go outside and get som fresh air a couple of hours... Before you come back online, please remember to take your "nice guy" shirt on :-) Cheers Syl20
  2. Dear IXEG team, I can see, if I understand right, that X-plane version 11.10 will extend the possibility for external display of instruments (pop-up window) on other screen. My question is: Will IXEG implement this feature in a near future in order to allow cockpit builders to have PFD/EHSI on a separate screen. XHSI is a nice plugin but many things are not shown on PFD and EHSI doesn't show any route. Thanks Sylvain
  3. Thank you for the explanation :-) cheers Sylvain
  4. Dear 737 experts, I would like to learn more about the rejected take off procedure and the function of the RTO knob. I have read that: - Below 80 knots: manual braking power shall be used. - Between 80 knots and up to V1: auto brake will engage. My question is: - Does the pilot activate the rejected take off or is it all happening automatically? - If the pilot does activate, what is the procedure? Thanks in advance Sylvain
  5. Thanks Jan, Crystal clear explanation as usual :-) Cheers Syl
  6. Thanks Poweer, these seems very logical explanations. I wonder why I wasn't able to figure it out by myself ;-) ...
  7. Hello Jan, I have a couple of questions concerning the aileron trim of the 737-300. I heard that it is not normal procedure to use it while flying, but I wonder: - Under which circumstances is it used? - How do I see the actual trim value of the aileron (how do I know that it is centered)? Thanks in advance. Cheers Sylvain
  8. MCP V/S blinking

    Hello, I searched the forum but couldn't find anything related to this. I am building my own MCP and was testing all the buttons and LEDs when I found this strange behaviour. I'm not sure it is a bug, but here you go how to make it happen: 1) Start a new flight with B733 from IXEG 2) On the MCP activate in this sequence: - FD pilot - APP - ALT HLD - V/S V/S starts blinking like crazy until you set any speed with the wheel or deactivate APP. If it is not a bug then I am interested to know what it means (other than "no vertical speed selected") :-) By the way, congratulations to the IXEG team for this fantastic plane, I love it. Cheers Syl20
  9. Heeelp

    I do not believe so. On the other hand, if they do charge an update fee, it will be fine with me. Compared to the money I spend on building my homemade cockpit based on their fantastic plane, it is a minor expense :-)
  10. Thanks for the information mmerelles I know that there is a difference between DataRef and Command. But in this case, I must admit that this is not very clear to me yet. I tried to write a value to the DataRef with XPDref ("ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_right_mhz", counter); it didn't work. (counter was a value between 0 and 19) If I use a custom command in the in_1.cfg file like C190 ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_right_khz 1+ and call it from arduino with SimInput(190); then it works. So why does one work and not the other? I can see that sending a value between 0-19 doesn't tell X-Plane which way to turn the knob while +1/-1 does.
  11. I found out why it didn't work: It is something related to ArdSim plugin/interface if I use XPCmnd("ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_right_khz 1+"); from Arduino, it doesn't work. If I use a custom command in the in_1.cfg file like C190 ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_right_khz 1+ and call it from arduino with SimInput(190); then it works.
  12. No wait, it is working :-))))) I will check what I did wrong the first time. Thanks again jfjoubert
  13. Yes I have tried "C1 ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_left_khz 1+" also but nothing happens. Hmmm, I am running out of idea... Anyway, thanks for your time jfjoubert, I appreciate :-)
  14. No, I use Ethernet between X-Plane and ArdSim so my cockpit only has UDP to communicate. Nothing appears as joystick & equipment. I am also pretty sure that these manipulators "ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_left_mhz" are the way to go, but I am missing something that I cannot put my finger on right now... Can you see, in FlyWithLua, what is sent to X-Plane other that the command "ixeg/733/radios/radios_com1_left_mhz"? There must be something telling X-Plane if it is an increase or a decrease of the frequency?
  15. I am using ArdSim right now. I haven't tried FlyWithLua yet.