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  1. Thanks for your answer Ben. The incredibly small "niche within the niche" as you call it, is what is keeping the whole non professional flightsim industry alive ;-) Otherwise there will only be flight sim developper as well as yoke/pedals producent left... Cheers Sylvain
  2. Does this mean that IXEG team categorizes "Cockpit builder" community as not interesting customer target, and that nothing will be done concerning the possibility to have instruments on external screen? Not interested in becoming the new/better alternative to ProSim and Co? Cheers Sylvain
  3. Dear IXEG team, I am having an issue that maybe related to your aircraft. I have Master and Slave computers, both running X-Plane 11.10 and IXEG latest version. Master: 3D cockpit view (PFD & ND mainly) (NVidia GTX1080) Slave: 3 screens with outside view without instruments (NVidia GTX 1080Ti) All the screens are connected to graphic cards with good quality HDMI/Display port cable. The slave center screen is the one activated for sound. When I increase throttle, there is a kind of metallic sound that disappears again when the engines reach full throttle. When airborn, as soon as I press "gear up", then there is a high frequency sound (a bit like an old days dial-up modem from the 90's) that doesn't stop. I have tried with the other 2 screens with same sound problem. I have tried with many standard planes from X-Plane without any sound problem. The sound on the master computer's screen is always fine. Any idea what this could be, or what I should try next? Thanks in advance. Cheers Sylvain
  4. Soundpacks for the IXEG?

    Have a look at this: I didn't try it yet though. Cheers Sylvain
  5. Flight plan

    Hi Jan, Thank you for your answer. For the EADI, even if it is not complete, there are some useable solutions at the moment. For the ND, I know that there is a lot of data involved (flight plan, weather, terrain, traffic...). I would like to make a completely wild suggestion: What about having a 2D cockpit view with nothing except from some of the MP instruments (incl. PFD and ND). I have no idea how much work it would need. This would allow us to put this 2D view on an external screen and have everything like the 3D model :-) Cheers Sylvain
  6. Flight plan

    Did I asked something wrong that nobody from IXEG team wishes to give an answer about this? :-) The fact is that right now, many cockpit builders go for Zibo's plane because it has advanced functionality compared to stock 737 as well as external visual for PFD and especially ND using AirManager. I know that it is far from being as realistic as IXEG. I am still among the few left who believe that there is a future in building a cockpit around IXEG fantastic plane. From your side, having an airplane that is cockpit builder friendly, would be a great sales argument... Cheers Sylvain
  7. Flight plan

    Dear IXEG Team, I know that this subject has been discussed in some way earlier, but I cannot find a clear answer, so I will try to ask in another way. Is there any way to get the current flight plan information from a plugin (using DataRef or other mean)? The idea is to be able, using for example AirManager or other external instruments, to show a ND with the flight route. This is a very wished feature for cockpit builders. I can see that a lot of data are written in the "IXEG_FMS_debug.txt" but maybe there is another way that is better. Thank you for your reply. Cheers Sylvain
  8. Reflection displays

    Dear Gonvise: Maybe it is time for you to shut your computer down, go outside and get som fresh air a couple of hours... Before you come back online, please remember to take your "nice guy" shirt on :-) Cheers Syl20
  9. Dear IXEG team, I can see, if I understand right, that X-plane version 11.10 will extend the possibility for external display of instruments (pop-up window) on other screen. My question is: Will IXEG implement this feature in a near future in order to allow cockpit builders to have PFD/EHSI on a separate screen. XHSI is a nice plugin but many things are not shown on PFD and EHSI doesn't show any route. Thanks Sylvain
  10. Thank you for the explanation :-) cheers Sylvain
  11. Dear 737 experts, I would like to learn more about the rejected take off procedure and the function of the RTO knob. I have read that: - Below 80 knots: manual braking power shall be used. - Between 80 knots and up to V1: auto brake will engage. My question is: - Does the pilot activate the rejected take off or is it all happening automatically? - If the pilot does activate, what is the procedure? Thanks in advance Sylvain
  12. Thanks Jan, Crystal clear explanation as usual :-) Cheers Syl
  13. Thanks Poweer, these seems very logical explanations. I wonder why I wasn't able to figure it out by myself ;-) ...
  14. Hello Jan, I have a couple of questions concerning the aileron trim of the 737-300. I heard that it is not normal procedure to use it while flying, but I wonder: - Under which circumstances is it used? - How do I see the actual trim value of the aileron (how do I know that it is centered)? Thanks in advance. Cheers Sylvain
  15. MCP V/S blinking

    Hello, I searched the forum but couldn't find anything related to this. I am building my own MCP and was testing all the buttons and LEDs when I found this strange behaviour. I'm not sure it is a bug, but here you go how to make it happen: 1) Start a new flight with B733 from IXEG 2) On the MCP activate in this sequence: - FD pilot - APP - ALT HLD - V/S V/S starts blinking like crazy until you set any speed with the wheel or deactivate APP. If it is not a bug then I am interested to know what it means (other than "no vertical speed selected") :-) By the way, congratulations to the IXEG team for this fantastic plane, I love it. Cheers Syl20