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  1. lineman55


    I had a great flight tonight form KJFK - KBOS and really am impressed with the new XENVIROMENT UPDATE and how accurate it displays the weather. As you can see I am sitting in Boston and the cloud cover in the distance is moving on in and matches perfectly with the picture I posted of the skyvector overlay. Also just added my Airpad2 to my desktop using AirFMC from Haversine for the IXEG 737. Worked perfectly.
  2. lineman55

    Next update

    I believe its the N key...but please try it before investing in a long flight..lol
  3. Has anyone here done this yet? Im going on Saturday for a 90 min session flying the 737-800NG SIMULATOR (Fixed Base) http://boston.flightexperience.com/
  4. lineman55


    A good habit to get into is to always keep the heading bug lined up with the direction you are to follow..just incase the LNAV for some reason lets go you can quickly choose HDG and maintain the same direction until you find the trouble that caused it to let go..or mabe a bug raising its ugly head.LOL
  5. lineman55

    vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733

    Thanks Tom! I tried it out last night and it worked great! Well done!
  6. lineman55

    XPUIPC ...for flaps axis

    Your absolutely right about the pot I have calibrated this time and time again and cant get it to zero out..its the pot no doubt..and its a new one to boot! from GoFlight!.. I thought that the script gave me the option to set a value of zero to 100 allowing the existing travel and override xplanes default calibration values..Thankyou for your help..looks like I will have to replace this one also....
  7. lineman55

    XPUIPC ...for flaps axis

    So last night I tried this..apparently it didn't do what I thought it would do.Followed instructions perfectly..all the scripts were working that came with it.. and tried over and over..but the calibration just wouldn't get my flaps to "0" it was always starting at 2 and when I hit the keyboard command to "fully up flaps" they went up but would jump back down nilly willy to "2" again. When I calibrate in xplane it does not show fully traveled in the up position..just the full flap position it will show..and stops short of "flaps up".
  8. lineman55

    AutoSave for the IXEG 733

    Wow...what a time saver!... great idea Tom..many of times I had wished this was an option
  9. lineman55

    XPUIPC ...for flaps axis

    Thankyou! I will try this....
  10. lineman55


    No rudder pedals..lol so please excuse the drift..
  11. lineman55

    XPUIPC ...for flaps axis

    FLaps issue raised its ugly head again...what Im looking for is a plugin for setting values for a limited travel for my GoFlight TQ6 Advance. XPLANE will not zero out for flaps up unless I hit the keyboard command..and then it will just creep back to say FLAPS 1 .I know the pots that came with this unit is not very good...and I did make a modification so my flap lever went up and beyond its stopping point..which worked for awhile...so I changed out the pot and now its still there with the same problem. Potbelly seems to work only with assigning buttons...does FWLUA pluging fit this bill for doing what I need?
  12. lineman55

    XP 11 flight model [status]

    Well said..it certainly opened my eyes to what is entailed..in which I never really knew..I have been simming since Microsoft way back when..and this time around I really wanted a sim that actually mimicks true aircraft dynamics and challenges. Your aircraft is just simply amazing and so well thought out ..and the artwork is just amazing. Functionality will always be moving forward and getting better all the time..so to sum it up..My hats off to all of you..for such a great aircraft and to LR for giving us a serious sim platform to work from.
  13. lineman55

    Bird looks great in VR - just a little issue

    I am also interested in using my IPAD for AirFMC but havnt yet tried it...interested in knowing before moving forward on this
  14. lineman55

    [Merged] xEnviro

    I had a CTD yesterday..IXEG 737 + XENVIRO as I taxied off the runway after a successful 30 min flight..report submitted to LR. .No other plugins running.trying to keep it simple during the Beta phases....