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  1. Print744

    Piaggio P180 Avanti II upgrade

    Link does not work
  2. Print744

    DC3 download and installation

    My ticket ##S89XV, as of last night.
  3. Print744

    DC3 download and installation

    FWIW, I downloaded 4 other .zip apps and have the exact same result each time I try to unzip the DC-3 file.
  4. Print744

    DC3 download and installation

    Okay, will do. Thank anyways.
  5. Print744

    DC3 download and installation

    Nope, no joy. I made Unarchiver the default .zip application and put Winzip (temporarily) in the Trash, redownloaded, same result. It's only with X-Aviation products that this has ever occurred, other .zip files open just fine.
  6. Print744

    DC3 download and installation

    Late-2011 15" MacBook Pro, XP10.51r2 I run the installer from the Finder> Downloads, the X-Aviation splash screen appears then is replaced by the message "There has been an error. Installer payload initialization failed. This is likely due to an incomplete or corrupt file." I've restarted the computer, deleted and redownloaded the file, but I get the same result every time I try to run the installer. Ideas?
  7. Print744

    Navigational data - how accurate is X-Plane?

    I use ForeFlight on my iPad coupled with X-Plane and it works great. The other real handy app I use is X-Mapper Pro on my iPhone. That one allows you to change frequencies, OBS and autopilot functions in a more user-friendly way, as easy as turning a real knob or pushing a real button in a real plane, vs. hunting for an elusive click zone with the mouse. The reason I found this thread is that I'm finding a lot of the US-Pacific-Northwest VORs in X-Plane are misaligned. I'm currently (literally, in X-Plane, as we speak) right on the OTH/R-029º/D43.8, VOR locked on with the autopilot, and ForeFlight (current revision) is showing a 2.5nm right deviation. This is just one example. I'm finding that a lot of the VORs in the area are similarly misaligned as well, some significantly more. So, my question is: how often does Laminar update the Nav database? Is updating with AIRAC from Navigraph fairly straightforward, or is there an easier way I can do it?
  8. Print744

    No illumination in radio stack

    I had the same problem. Uninstalling and reinstalling did the trick. Too bad I wasted one of my downloads (doubt I'll need the rest, though, so not worried). Thanks for the fix! The only complaint I have now is that the Flood Lights are pointed at the seats, not the panel, and are relatively useless. I suppose in real life they'd be used to read charts and stuff on a kneeboard but that doesn't really applying a sim. The result is that at night you can barely see the panel. Even the instrument lighting is barely bright enough to actually see much. Makes instrument flight pretty challenging. That said, it's a great plane with a very realistic flight model. (It's the one I got my CAMEL/Instrument rating in.) Right there with Caranedo and Alabeo in accuracy and attention to detail, maybe even a little better in some ways. It will be a great tool for instrument proficiency (practical, not legal).